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Another busy weekend

Yesterday was a busy day, which of course meant we stayed up just a little too late playing Kingdom Hearts. And we needed to get to bed, because we had to get up early for choir practice, because today was ward conference! Turns out it probably would have been a better idea to set choir practice even earlier so people could practice it that much more, but we didn't know that at the time, and the thought of going to church at eight was too painful, so we made it 8:15 instead. Regardless, the performance turned out pretty well, thanks in large part to the Activity Days girls, who were drafted into the choir by their leader, who was the main driving force behind making the whole thing happen.

As for why yesterday was busy, a kid in the Primary got baptized! Huzzah! He's a kid I taught in Sunbeams and Athena taught in CTRs, so even though they hadn't asked us to do the music (which is the usual reason behind us seeking out someone kind enough to drive us to the stake center), we thought we should go show our support. Turns out that was a good idea, because there was nobody there to lead or accompany the opening and closing hymns. Except for us, that is! So that was nice little diversion, and we're a little proud of the kid.

And then there was Kingdom Hearts. On the way to the baptism, we were telling our friend (who drove us there, and who also had been recruited to give a talk) that at first when we went to Arendelle (she doesn't follow any of this stuff, but she's a good listener anyway), we thought whew, Kingdom Hearts makes everything better, but then we got more into the Arendelle story and discovered that no, actually, Frozen makes everything worse. So we were reluctant to go back to it, and spent the first part of our game time exploring the Gummi world.

Eventually we realized we couldn't put it off forever, so we went back to Arendelle...and it turns out Kingdom Hearts really does make everything better after all. After we put Olaf together, Anna and company went up to Elsa's palace without Sora and Pals for whatever reason, but it was just as well, because we kind of imagine them being useless in battle (despite their epic(?) wolf battle). We caught up to them just as they were having the infamous argument that froze Anna's heart...and come to think of it, when Kristoff explained the situation to Sora later, he said that one of Elsa's ice shards had pierced Anna's heart, so we know somebody was paying attention to the Snow Queen. Anyway, that particular argument made even less sense than in the movie, because they cut away to Sora and Pals right after Elsa panickedly explained to Anna that she doesn't know how to control her powers, and then they cut back to when she freaked out and froze Anna's heart. They cut out all the stuff about Anna not shutting up and neither of them listening to each other until their stress all exploded. We only got the explosion. Maybe they were trying to minimize Anna's annoyingness.

Anyway, at that point Marshmallow came along to get rid of everybody, and Anna and company went off to do their thing, so Sora and Pals fought Marshmallow until they got knocked off a cliff again, and it was like the third time in this world, so the next time we see them, Sora is lying in the snow with an exasperated look on his face going, "Whatever, snow is soft. We can fall on it over and over. It's fine." And Goofy was like, "Yeah, I bet we could take at least one more fall!" and we were like, "Don't say it! You'll make it happen!" It actually didn't, though.

Sora apparently has no interest in Anna (I can't say I blame him), so once again, we were going to set off up the North Mountain to talk to Elsa...but then they saw Hans carrying her off! What! And they saw darkness emanating from him! That's not good! What was good is that we didn't have to go up the North Mountain yet again. What was even better was that at that point Marshmallow came running along again, and instead of fighting, he just wanted to save Elsa! Awwwwwww! And Sora, being the super amazing human being that he is, picked up on that really quick and immediately suggested that they team up. (Donald was like, "Are you crazy!?" and Goofy was like, "Well, he wouldn't be Sora if he couldn't make friends with everybody.") So instead of the annoying Anna and Kristoff on our team, we got to fight with the super monster Marshmallow! And that was pretty satisfying.

On the way to rescue Elsa, Sora and Pals run into Kristoff and Sven, who are fighting about whether or not they should go help Anna, and this scene, too, was the best. Kristoff explains that Anna needed true love to save her, so he took her to her boyfriend, and Sora was like, "Wait, what about you?" "What about me?" "How do you feel about Anna?" "Oh, I'm just her guide." "What?" "What?" "I was sure you were..." And the confused look on Sora's face was one of the cutest things ever. Goofy added, "You sure looked good together," and Donald was like, "But not as good as me and Daisy, of course."

So then they go to the frozen fjord (I know I called it a lake before; how could I have forgotten it was a fjord?) and they replay the whole big dramatic scene which I probably would have thought was super awesome if I weren't totally fed up with the characters in it by the time it happened. We like to think this version had a few changes that made it a little better, but we'd have to watch the movie version again to be sure, so we'll never know. But of course, there is a major difference in that, after Anna rescues Elsa, Hans collapses onto the ice and turns into a giant wolf Heartless, so we get to fight a boss battle. Then we beat him and they have the other dramatic "oh, it's an act of true love! Love? Of course! *turns off the ice*" scene. And then Larxene comes along to tell Sora that oh hey, we have not one, but two New Seven Heart candidates here! And it kind of bugs me to think of it, but on the other hand, just because I find Anna and Elsa to be super annoying doesn't necessarily make them bad people. Besides, if Alice can be a Princess of Heart, then why not Anna?

And then we got to see that Demyx has been recruited to the new Organization XIII, too! Yay, he's alive! I mean, we knew he was, because that's what happened to the whole organization, but still. I liked how he stood there tuning his zither the whole scene. I mean, he was talking, too. And wow, Larxene is a piece of work. She's all, "So why'd they let us in if we betrayed them last time?" and Marluxia's like, "Xehanort doesn't care. He's going to turn us all into vessels." And Larxene says, "Wow, that sucks. Wanna take over again?" Then she sees Demyx and she's like, "What's he doing here!? He's like the most useless person ever!" and Demyx is just like, "You heard Marluxia. Xehanort doesn't care." And we were like, "Well, at least he knows who he is...?" He's just backup anyway. They're going to use replicas if they can. The plot thickens... Ooooh, it's so exciting!!!

And for today, we watched more Story Trek and finally started reading manga again. It may not keep up, but we realized we had two unread volumes of Skip Beat!, and that just didn't seem right.

Today I'm thankful for the ward choir number going pretty well, singing time also going pretty well, Kingdom Hearts making everything better after all, getting to watch more Story Trek, and getting to read manga.
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