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It's so hard trying to balance work and Kingdom Hearts. We need to get this volume of Sailor Moon done ASAP, but we decided that we do need to take time to relax or things might go poof. Anyway, it's going at a not-too-terrible pace--Sailor Moon, I mean--and in fact, schedule-wise, we would be in very good shape. Except! that we just got some more deadlines, which means we can't afford to dilly-dally. In fact, we might need to turn things up a few notches, but we're still hoping for the best.

In the meantime, Kingdom Hearts continues to be the super awesomest.

We finished up at Monstropolis, and oh my goodness, it was so intense. I mean, at first, it mostly just seems like, "Oh hey, things have gotten unsafe here. We better send Boo home until we can get it taken care of." And seriously, the plot of the whole world seems to be trying to get to Boo's door. You beat the boss and Randall, and finally you make it to Boo's door! Yay! ...But then the door starts moving all on its own and it takes Sora and everybody else back to the scare floor, where they had the most intensest scene!!! Aaaaaaahhh!!!!

So I think we mentioned the Unversed or whatever they're called in English, and how they're supposed to come from Vanitas. Turns out they do! He's here in Monstropolis because he kind of specializes in negative emotions, which means a factory or power plant or whatever that can convert negative emotions into energy/power/whatever is the perfect place for him. And while Sora and Pals were running around looking for doors, he realized that oh wait, that gray monster thing is the kid that took part of Ventus's heart. And Vanitas needs all of Ventus's heart for himself, and it was so scary, oh my goodness, because he walks right up to Sora and points his keyblade at him (oh yeah, Vanitas can use a keyblade, too), like he's going to just stab Sora in the chest and take Ventus heart or something. (It would probably be more like when Dark Riku unlocked hearts in the first Kingdom Hearts, which was also pretty scary.)

And Donald and Goofy are like, "We heard about this guy! Ventus couldn't beat him!" And they're all shielding Sora, and this summary is not doing it any kind of justice, so you'll just have to trust me that the scene was amazing. And one of the scariest parts is that Vanitas and Sora are played by the same voice actor, and oh my goodness, he's so good at being Sora but he's also so good at being scary and evil. It was super intense and I loved it.

It was after that that I finally put it together that, like in Kingdom Hearts II, there's an Organization XIII member for each world.

So then Ienzo called and let Sora know that according to Ansem's analysis, Sora actually has four hearts inside him, including his own. Well, they already knew about Roxas, and Vanitas just told them about Ventus...oh, and Ventus reacted to Vanitas! He's not 100% asleep! Aaaaahhhh!!! Anyway, the other one is still a mystery to anyone who hasn't played all the handheld games (or read the manga).

Anyway, we spent some time figuring out the Gummi ship stuff, and we don't hate it quite so much anymore now that we're used to it, but it can still be a little un-intuitive sometimes.

But then we moved on to Arendelle. Of course we weren't really looking forward to this part, but it's actually turning out to be kind of awesome. See, the main reason we hate Frozen so much is that we hate all the characters because nobody seems to really care about anybody else and we just want to slap them all. So let me tell you about Sora's visit to Arendelle.

The first scene has Sora and Pals finish beating up some Heartless, and when they're done, Sora goes, "It's COLD!! Donald, give me warmer clothes!" and Donald was like, "I'm not your personal wardrobe!" And when Goofy commented on how Sora gets cold easily, he's all, "Well, I grew up in the tropics!" and I thought it was really neat that they mentioned Sora's upbringing.

But that's not the important part. The important part is that they looked across the lake to the castle, and saw everything getting even frozener. They wondered if it was Heartless doing it, and then they saw Else running across the lake. And Sora's first thought when he sees her is, "She looks so sad," and his first impulse is to try to make it better! And this is what makes Sora the best. He pays attention to other people, and he cares about making them feel better. And because of the way he acts in general, you can tell it's because he genuinely wants to help them, and not because he feels bad himself and wants it to go away. He even made me feel sympathetic for Elsa.

So they find Elsa and she's all, "It's dangerous here, go away," and they're all, "It's dangerous for you, too, you know." And she's like, "I want to be alone," and Sora's like, "Well, if you want to be alone that badly, I'm sure you have your reasons, but come on, life is better with friends! ...Not that I don't understand wanting to be alone of course. Donald can be so annoying." (This doesn't bother me, because I know he and Donald are good friends, and also, he didn't word it that way.) But Elsa is having none of it, so she freaks out and uses her ice powers, and they're like, "Oh, so the ice at the castle was you." And she starts to worry that they're going to go all, "She's a witch! Burn her!!!" but then the Heartless show up.

Sora being Sora, he immediately says, "Get back!" and he and Donald and Goofy fight off the Heartless, proving to Elsa that they're not going to shun her for her ice powers. But she's still all, "My powers hurt people! I have to be alone!" (Her proof was that she killed a Heartless with them, and Goofy was like, "Yeah, but that was an evil monster.") And she puts up an ice wall and leaves.

Sora is not one to be deterred, however, especially because she did look so very sad when he first saw her and he can't let things stand that way, but he has no time for that because now Larxene shows up! And Namine erased all of his memories of Larxene, so he and his friends are like, "Uh, who are you?" and she's like, "Oh yeah, you forgot. I'm Larxene, remember now?" and they're like, "Uhhh..." Then she gets annoyed, too, and is like, "Look, kid, you don't understand women. Just let me take care of Elsa." And then she turns Elsa's ice wall into an ice labyrinth, and we just found our way out of it when it got to be bedtime.

But I'm so very amused at all this, because there are many worlds in Kingdom Hearts where the game developers seem to be like, "Let's recreate the world perfectly!" (Beast's Castle, La Cite des Cloches...and I'm sure I could think of more if I thought harder. It's bedtime.) But for Arendelle, they're like, "Let's just have an ice labyrinth!" And I'm totally okay with that.

I do hope we make lots of progress on Sailor Moon tomorrow so we can play lots of Kingdom Hearts!

Today I'm thankful for getting to work on Sailor Moon, progress being better than our first day editing volume five, Kingdom Hearts making Arendelle better (I should have known it would), our friend being willing to take us on an emergency trip to Target (we didn't realize we were so low on food for the outside cats), and still having time to play Kingdom Hearts when we got back.
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