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Waiting for Spring volume 10

Oh my goodness, the things going on in Kingdom Hearts! But now is no time to talk about them! We were gone yesterday because Gaston came down and we went to Disneyland, and even though we did end up parting ways in the evening so we could go to choir practice, as soon as we got home from that, naturally the first thing we did was play Kingdom Hearts. Eh heh heh.

Anyway, it's Review Rednesday! What am I supposed to be reviewing today? Oh yeah! Waiting for Spring 10! Spoilers ahead!

Waiting for Spring, where they go to the hot spring! It's spring in more ways than one! ...I might be feeling a little bit silly right now, because we're taking the day off again, but we finished watching Seven Deadly Sins and Dragon Pilot, so we're faced with figuring out what to do with ourselves. And now, we write a review! Because it's one of the things still on the to-do list. We have two more to write after this one, too, so we figured it would be a good way to spend our time.

Anyway, Waiting for Spring, where they go to the hot spring! It's spring in more ways than one! Ah, ha, ha! And the words in Japanese aren't even the same! It's a miracle pun! Ah, ha, ha! ...And I may also be stalling while I remember reactions to this volume. They went to the hot spring! And Aya is a master at...I don't know, whatever it is he's doing. I really appreciate the way people communicate in this series. Mitsuki invites him to go to the hot spring with his four least favorite people in the world, and he says, "Uh, yeah, no." And she's like, "Aww, but I want you to be friends..." And he's like, "Anything for you, my dearest Mitsuki!" Only he manages to pull it off in a much less sappy way, because he's that too-good-to-be-true.

And boy howdy, does he pull it off with this trip. He instantly wins Ryuji and even Rui over to his side. It was almost magical...except that Ryuji is very simple and Rui is too much of a slave to his carnal passions (for cream puffs, bwa ha ha). I do wonder if Aya had done the research about the cream puffs, or if it was just a happy coincidence, because he didn't really seem to be trying that hard. Still, it's amazingly sweet of him to put himself through that just to make Mitsuki happy. He really does care about that girl...but he still has some warped ideas.

Let's talk about Kyosuke. I thought it was super great when Aya was all, "Kyosuke-kun, was it?" and Kyosuke was like, "Wakamiya." We were like, "Oooohhh, you just got told!" And it may or may not have started a mini-rant about people who think honorifics should be translated in all cases. We don't think it did, but it could have. We might stop to have one now, but I think I'm a little too out of it, and besides you all know what we think about that by now. But the point is, Kyosuke was not falling for any of Aya's nonsense, and it was great. But then! he manages to get the truth out of Aya, and it really was very sweet, so he was like, "Well, hm." Because obviously he's on Towa's side, because Towa is one of his best friends, but now he's starting to see how much Aya really cares about Mitsuki. So he talks to Nanase about it, and she's like, "Yeah, I'm not sure about it, either," and neither are we, and I think that's what the author was going for, so. I mean, usually when there's a love triangle, it's always like, "Yeah, there's that guy, but we all know he doesn't really have a chance," but this time it genuinely is a toss-up. I mean, we're pretty sure Mitsuki's going to choose Towa in the end, because otherwise why introduce them? and also he interfered with Aya's first kiss when they played the Pocky game way back when, so you already know fate is on his side...which is especially interesting in light of the whole accident and Towa being like, "If I believed in destiny, I'd think it was trying to put Aya and Mitsuki together"... Hmmmm... And Aya! His whole world is Mitsuki! If she doesn't choose him, what is he going to do with his life? Well, probably end up with Rino. Also, when I was typing these sentences, I thought, "This sounds awfully familiar..." and I remembered that there's a similar character in Missions of Love, so you'll just have to go read that one to see how that gets resolved.

Anyway, let's talk about Towa. He's like the nicest guy in the whole world. He's all, "My greatest rival of all time is injured, is there something I can do to help?" Of course, they did tell us that his intentions were not entirely altruistic, but I don't remember if they told us what exactly they were. He did say he wanted to make sure of something, I think? I just don't remember if he said what it was (we translated this like...three weeks ago? Only? dang, it feels like so much longer). But there's also the stuff about wanting to make Mitsuki happy, and wanting to fight his rival at full power for a fair fight.

We also learn that *gasp!!!* Towa was actually scouted to play for Hojo! What! My reaction was really more like, "Well, yeah." I mean, his whole life is basketball, and we're told he's really good, and I think I maybe even wondered why the boys weren't playing for Hojo to begin with. My guess would be it's because Ryuji couldn't get in, because he wanted to, but he didn't get to, and Rui and Towa are younger, and Kyosuke can go wherever he wants for high school. And it just made so much sense, the reason nobody ever knew about it. Towa's like, "Well, I knew I didn't want to, so I just said no, and it wasn't a big deal." We were also like, "And Towa never tells anybody anything." If anything, I'm surprised that the scout guy felt the need to tell Aya about it, but it could have been like, "Oh, you're going to a hot spring with Asakura? I almost scouted him once. Tell him I said hi!"

And of course now Aya's all, "Bet you wish you were at Hojo now!" and Towa's like, "Nope," and Aya's like, "We can't be friends." Maybe Aya wishes that Towa had gone to Hojo because then Mitsuki wouldn't have met him, and Aya wouldn't have a rival. That makes sense. Because I was thinking about it just now and I was like, "But if Aya and Towa were on the same team, they couldn't have a basketball fight over Mitsuki." Of course, I still think that reasoning is ridiculous. Mitsuki's interested in basketball because the people she cares about play it, not the other way around. But Aya's still stuck in "only the strong survive" mode. Kyosuke told him that right makes might, but Aya's like, nope. Might makes right. And we just want to slap his adorable face.

And what's going on with Mitsuki through all of this? She's freaking out because people pointed out to her that wow, it must be rough for Kamiyama being surrounded by these guys he barely knows and his love rival. And she's all, "What have I done!" She's really very cute. I understand her desire for Aya and all the guys to be friends, as someone who is often saddened by the refusal of people I care about to spend time with other people that I care about. When you care about people, you just want to all be friends together! So I definitely get where she's coming from, and I'm glad that Aya cares enough about her to give it a try anyway. I think he probably could get along with Towa if he would stop being a baby, but they're teenagers, so I can't really blame him, either. I do blame him for making assumptions about what Towa's life is like, though. I think a lot of prejudice comes from these weird ideas we give ourselves about how other people's lives are going--we think they have it so much better, and we hate them for it, when the reality is they're struggling just as much as we are. Just in different ways.

Still, there is like one panel of a flashback to Aya's life that indicates something that happened, maybe when he was in America, that warped his philosophy. I'm guessing we'll find out more about that in future volumes. But the author has indicated that the series is reaching its climax, so we'll have to find out soon!

And I got so distracted with all the hot spring stuff that I almost forgot there was a whole other chapter after that! The Christmas chapter! ...It almost felt like filler, actually. Just another, "Oh no, I can't spend time with the guys because they have to practice," chapter. It was really cute, though. Oh yeah, and Towa said, "I need you to write on my wristband again," and Mitsuki came thiiiiiiis close to confessing her love to him! Gasp! It was so cute. Oh, and now Mitsuki's on another committee with Maki, so that's probably going to lead to something. And the most important thing we learned is that you can chop strawberries into a heart shape. Not that we'd ever use this knowledge. We don't eat fruit unless its mashed up beyond recognition. Oh, but I am glad that they started out the series by telling us the basketball team can't date, because otherwise all this back and forth between Mitsuki and Towa would seem way more ridiculous. And I think I'm just rambling now, so I should stop. It's another cute volume of an adorable series, and I hope you like(d) it!

Ah, Waiting for Spring. Now we're all caught up with Japan! I think volume 11 is coming out soon, if it didn't already.

As for this week's releases, we have Edens Zero volume 2! But we're not writing reviews for Edens Zero, because we work on that weekly, and it would end up being like a bajillion mini paragraphs or something, and we just don't have the extra time in our schedule to worry about it. Anyway, tune in next week for our review of the third and final volume of The Voynich Hotel!

Today I'm thankful for getting to see the unusual waterfowl at Disneyland hunting fish, fond remembrances of Waiting for Spring, getting to play Kingdom Hearts yesterday, getting to play Kingdom Hearts today, and the hope that (barring delays) some new translations of ours will come out just in time for us to not have to go a week without posting a review.
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