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Oh man, I have so many things to talk about, partly because I had so many things to talk about before, and I'm remembering the things that I forgot to mention before!

First, Kingdom Hearts. I wanted to talk about Rapunzel and Sora, because here's the thing. I mentioned how adorable Rapunzel was, and seriously, they added little things that seemed to have no bearing on the rest of the game, like, "Ooh, look, dandelions! Let's see if we can blow all the seeds into the air!" and "Ooh, look, a pond! The water's so nice! Come on in, everybody!" and "Ooh, look, birds! Let's see if we can get a closer look!"

And guess who's the one who used Aero to blow all the dandelion seeds away? And who got into the pond and had a water fight with her? And who went and hunted down those stupid birds and very carefully walked all the way back to Rapunzel with them flying around his head singing the Kingdom of Corona field music? (I'm sorry, birds. I don't really think you're stupid. In fact, it was a pretty cute mini-mini-quest.) That's right, it was Sora! And all the while, Flynn Rider was standing there like, "Oops, I guess this is too dangerous. Back to the tower?" or "Hey, Sora! Rapunzel wants you!"

So who does Rapunzel fall in love with? Still Flynn Rider. Of course. I guess he did some pretty amazing wooing in those scenes where he took Rapunzel to safety while we fought Nobodies and talked to Marluxia for apparently way too long (Donald will tell you (but Sora would protest that it was Marluxia who did the too much talking)). Oh, and guess who danced with Rapunzel the most! That's right, it was...I think it was Sora, but Rider actually did participate in that game, and I don't remember the finale. Sora just danced with everybody, it was kind of awesome.

But that's okay, because Sora already has a girlfriend.

Also, Athena pointed out that in Kingdom Hearts II, Maleficent's raven brought her cloak over to the Mysterious Tower, and then she came to life, so there is an in-game precedent for cloaks maintaining remnants of their owners, which means Marluxia was not being overly cautious when he turned Mother Gothel's cloak into a Heartless.

Now for some stuff about Kaji 100!. Why? Because I forgot to talk about the segments where they decided to try breaking Guinness World records. It was ridiculous and awesome at the same time. In the Nobuhiko Okamoto episode, they tried to break the record for stacking rolls of toilet paper in 30 seconds. And they always tell you who holds the current record and what it is. This time...I forgot who the guy was, but his record was 28 rolls of toilet paper. So the staff rolls out the cart full of toilet paper rolls, and Kaji-kun asks Okamoto-kun how many were there, and when he found out it was 35, he was like, "They don't have much faith in us, do they?" (And there was a caption on the screen that said, "He's on to us!")

So each of them took a turn, and neither of them did very well, but the one whose turn it wasn't would hand rolls to the challenger to help him out. Only about halfway through Okamoto-kun's turn, instead of handing the rolls to him, Kaji-kun started stacking them on top of Okamoto-kun's head. It was very silly, and we loved it.

In Morikubo-san's episode, the record was for the most number of Post-it notes you could stick to your face in 60 seconds. Kaji-kun revealed that the current record was held by Kaitlyn-san (not sure which spelling, so I just picked one) from America, and Morikubo-san was like, "They have a lot of ridiculous-stupid dreams in America," and we were like, "It's true." Her record was 58 Post-It notes. And then they both sat there for a minute trying to stick Post-its to their faces, and it was awesome.

Now back to Kingdom Hearts. Today we went to Monstropolis, and it turned out to make me a lot less grumpy than Toy Box did. We never really paid much attention to the monster forms of Sora and Pals, mainly because we'd see it and be like, "Ugh, Pixar," and stop looking. But now that we've gotten a better look at them, I actually really like them. They seem a lot more creative than the Monsters University monsters, but maybe I'm still just annoyed at how all the tentacled monsters still walked like they were on legs. Anyway, they're pretty cute, but it is a little disconcerting that Sora and Goofy are no longer wearing pants.

It was also kind of annoying that in Monstropolis and Toy Box, they spent a long time talking about how they had new forms, because Sora has been through this so many times with Atlantica, Halloween Town, the Pride Lands, Space Paranoids... He turns into a lion, for crying out loud, and they were like, "Okay, this is how we do things in this world!" and they went on with their day. In this one, they always make a huge deal out of it. And they all got really freaked out when they saw each other, which was weird, because in our opinion they were much scarier in Halloween Town. But I guess that can be explained because Donald actively used his magic to change them then, and it was more like a Halloween costume. This time, it just kind of happened automatically (although they did specifically say it was Donald's magic doing it...), and they had kind of transformed more...but still not as much as in Atlantica or the Pride Lands...

Anyway, the story is pretty simple. Sora and Pals have to help Sully, Mike, and Boo escape the power plant while Randal controls Unversed (is that what they're called in the English version of Birth by Sleep? we never saw it written out). They keep using Boo's laughter to power things, which I'm going to say is okay, because they've proven multiple times that Sora and Pals are not the brightest crayons in the box, so it makes sense for them to not say, "...But we have electricity magic."

What doesn't make sense is that Randall, after being arrested, thinks he can come along and take over the company, and everyone will just accept him as the boss and think he's the awesome top power earner guy. Like, isn't the reason you want to be the number one scarer or funny guy that it makes you basically a town hero? All those dreams were pretty much crushed as soon as he was arrested. They did specifically say in Kingdom Hearts that he had been arrested, so this is not a matter of me remembering the ending to Monsters, Inc. wrong (in fact, I totally forgot that happened). I guess wickedness never was logical.

Well, the big mystery is what are Unversed doing wandering around. It's been a very long time since we played Birth by Sleep, but I thought it was Vanitas making those things, and he was supposed to be sealed away with Ventus or something. Or Ventus had that "inside my head" battle and beat Vanitas...but then went into a coma... It was so long ago... Well, I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be a mystery, so it's okay that we don't remember exactly. Just more exciting developments to look forward to!

Today I'm thankful for the rain sort of letting up on our way home from the grocery store, meeting our work quota despite rainy grocery store adventures, getting to use our snazzy Harry Potter umbrellas, having time to play Kingdom Hearts, and getting to also play with Page.
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