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Today's scripture study involved a section in Luke where Jesus reads a passage from Isaiah and then says that the prophecy is being fulfilled. I read the Isaiah passage in Luke and thought, "This is just someone helping people; it's not exactly specific." It didn't seem to be referring to anyone special. (I should probably point out this is the King James Version.) But our Gospel Library app has a handy feature where you can tap on a footnote that references another scripture (the app also has very handily footnoted scriptures) and it pulls up that scripture for you to read side-by-side. So I read the Isaiah version and I was like, "Wow, yeah, that is way more relevant." And thus we see once again that translation matters.

The other main thing I wanted to talk about was Kaji 100!. This is the DVD that I got for Athena for Christmas, and we finally had a chance to watch it today, and oh my goodness, it's so good! The premise is they got Yuki Kaji to write down a hundred things he would like to do, and then he has another voice actor guest come on and they do it together. It's so much fun! And it seems like part of the idea is to give the audience ideas of things they could look into pursuing, which goes along with a dream of ours, which is to create a hobby database to give people things to do other than go to Disneyland (in our very passive aggressive, indirect, and very unlikely-to-work attempt to reduce crowds there) (it's not the only goal, just a potentially added bonus).

In the first episode, he and Nobuhiko Okamoto (I guess most people reading this would know him as Shin'a from Yona of the Dawn, but our favorite character of his is Origami Cyclone from Tiger & Bunny) did performance calligraphy. I feel like I had no idea this was a thing, and yet when they mentioned it, I felt like I always knew it was a thing. They even invented a reason that they had to do it--they had the set for the show, with easels and signs of all 100 things that Yuki Kaji would like to do, but the one sign for the title of the show was clearly made with Sharpie and posterboard. Obviously they needed to make a better one.

So Kaji-kun and Okamoto-kun went to a famous performance calligrapher and had her teach them how to do it so they could make a decent logo for the show. And it was adorable and there was banter, and one of the best parts for me was that the professional calligrapher said stroke order doesn't matter. And then when they were doing it, they kept saying things like, "Your stroke order is all messed up," and Kaji-kun would look at his work in the middle and be like, "Wait, is that right?"

Throughout the show, they interrupt with mini-segments, including one where they take questions from Twitter and Kaji-kun has to answer them. And the very first question was, "How are you so cute? What can I eat to be as cute as you?" and he was like, "Seriously, this is the first question?" But the best was his answer, which I wish I could replicate in text, because I'm not sure how to describe the tone in his voice. He said, "I's because I'" And then he sighed, like, "What are we even doing?" It reminded us of some years ago when Mamoru Miyano posted on his blog about a fan event of his where he got Yuki Kaji to perform in some thing that we don't really know because we didn't go to it (I'm sure it was released on DVD... hmm...), and several times throughout the blog post, Miyano-kun said, "Ooohh, he's such an angel!"

In the next episode, one of the questions was, "If the world ended tomorrow, where would you go and what would you do?" and he said, "Tomorrow, huh? Yeah, I'd be okay with that." And we were kind of like, "I know that feel, bro." It's not a feeling of, "This world needs to die!" so much as, "Yeah, I wouldn't mind if it was just over now." It comes from being very tired, at least in our case.

The second episode had him and Showtaro Morikubo (I guess he's in Naruto...*checks* Shikamaru, but we like him best as Ginji in GetBackers) building race cars. Apparently Morikubo-san was in an anime about this particular style of race cars (mini yonku; I think we translated the term in Complex Age, but I am so beyond trying to figure out a good way to word it now), and Kaji-kun enjoyed watching it as a kid, so he was living out a childhood dream. And that is why it was so completely adorable when the mini yonku expert showed them all the models they could choose from, and Kaji-kun saw the one from that anime and got super excited. He was like, "I think I'm the only one really getting excited here," and Morikubo-san was like, "I'm just frantically holding it in."

It was so much fun, I think we would have really liked it even if we weren't already Yuki Kaji fans. In fact, if we had come across it when we were in Japan, we might have thought, "I really like that guy. We should try to find some anime he's in." And now we love it, but there's only two episodes per DVD. But the next one has him and Hiro Shimono making picture books! And reading them to groups of children! Aaaaaahhh! We have to get it.

Today I'm thankful for a pretty intense scripture study session, getting to watch Kaji 100!, having a new favorite TV show (until Kingdom Hearts makes us forget all about it tomorrow), also getting to watch more Story Trek, and having some yummy cookies waiting for us.
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