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Cozy rainy day

We did have potential plans today, like going to the grocery store and meeting up with Cecille, who was making another trip to Disneyland, but since it was pouring down rain for most of the day and we're blocked out today (we would have gone over to Downtown Disney for lunch or dinner or something anyway if not for the rain), we were very happy to stay curled up under blankets and play more Kingdom Hearts instead.

Okay, so the Kingdom of Corona story is basically the movie Tangled, only we don't get to see all of it, and instead of teaming up with the Stabbington Brothers, Mother Gothel is controlled by Marluxia. Only she does exactly the same things she would have done if not controlled by Marluxia, so I'm not entirely sure what all that was about. I kind of get the feeling that they were going to take the story a certain direction, but due to story changes down the line for whatever reason, there were some errors in continuity.

What it all amounts to for us is that while Sora is fighting a bunch of Nobodies and then having a little chat with Marluxia, Flynn and Rapunzel have run off to safety, and they spend a bunch of time apart, which is where we can only assume all the important story details happened. For example, we know Rapunzel hid the tiara in the tower, because Mother Gothel finds it right before Marluxia shows up to hypnotize her or whatever he did. But then they have the romantic boat/light scene, and suddenly Rapunzel has the tiara to give to Rider. Sora and Pals ran into Gothel in the woods very briefly, so we can only assume that Gothel found Rapunzel before Sora did, and gave her the tiara then. There also must have been a scene with Rapunzel and Rider while they were alone when she finds out about his real name, because she keeps calling him Eugene, and if you hadn't seen the movie, you'd be like, "Wait, what in the...? Who's Eugene?"

At least the game developers weren't entirely unaware of the inconsistency--after you beat the boss and have the happy epilogue, Rapunzel is calling Rider "Eugene," and Sora is like, "Why are you calling him Eugene?" And that was a very cute scene, so we'll allow it. (She says, as if she has any authority.)

I do want to talk about Rapunzel, though, because she is so stinking adorable. There was a giant puffy thing that she saw and was like, "Oooooh!" so she went up to touch it and it turned into a Heartless. Of course. And Sora's all, "Get to safety!" and she's like, "No, I can fight, too!" and we were like, "*eyeroll*", but it wasn't out of character; we're just tired of everybody having to announce their fighting ability so loudly. But the point is, as expected, she used her hair to fight, and it was the best. And I'm so glad they let Sora take pictures in the middle of battles, because we got some of her fighting and it's the best. And you can do a special move with her, where Sora and Pals are jumping, and suddenly, she wraps her hair around all three of them, then she and Flynn work together to swing them around in giant circles to whack the bad guys. It's super awesome.

Now there was something that I found a bit concerning, and that was Marluxia talking about the need to keep her safe. Why? Because she is the light of her world, and if the Princesses of Heart ever accomplish their duty and/or stop being needed or useful, they're going to need seven new Princesses of Heart. And of course it makes sense for Rapunzel to be one of them, because she is very bright and shiny, and I think she'd be great. What I think would be less great is pretty much every other Disney character that would probably be included in the new Princesses of Heart thing. Except possibly Ariel--she didn't get to be in the first set, so there's a chance she'd get to be in the new one. Oh! Or maybe Mulan or Pocahontas! I wasn't thinking about them when I was doing my mental headcount, because I was focused on after the turn of the millennium. Except for Ariel, because everyone is obsessed with mermaids.

But the thing is, the way Disney's been doing all their spectaculars at Disneyland lately, it does kind of feel like they're trying to phase out the older princesses. And I think it would be okay if they just didn't want to focus on them as much in favor of newer princesses, except that I find almost all of the newer princesses to be boring at best. And I think they don't have as much light as the pre-2000 princesses. The problem with the current way of being "empowering" is it seems to be a little too self-centered, and I kinda think the recent princesses are all pretty self-centered. Except Rapunzel and maybe Moana, but I just thought her movie was boring, and besides, she's "not a princess." (I'm still super annoyed by that exchange.)

Anyway, it also didn't make sense that Marluxia turned Mother Gothel into a Heartless after she was pretty much already dead. She was falling off the tower and her cape was now suddenly empty, like in the movie, and then Marluxia comes along and says, "Oh, she fell to darkness. Well, we can't keep her next to the princess anymore." and turned her now nonexistent body into a Heartless.

Well, it's possible that the new princess thing was just there to give Marluxia something to do. I guess we'll see what happens when they go to Arendelle...

Today I'm thankful for nice cozy rainy days, getting one of our Harry Potter crates before the storm hit (not sure what's to become of the other one; for all we know, it's in our patio right now...but we're kind of hoping not), getting to play plenty of Kingdom Hearts, having enough food so that we aren't in trouble for not going grocery shopping today, and the cute cheetahs on our calendar picture for February.
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