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Thwarted again

Our plans to play Kingdom Hearts all day were thwarted by the arrival of a simulpub chapter we had to translate. It occurred to us last night that today might be when it showed up, so we were expecting to see it in our email this morning, but as we kept going and going through all the morning emails, we still didn't see it. We got our hopes up. And then, just about right when I was forgetting all about it because we clicked on an email link to read an article, we came back and that was the next email.

So we didn't have as much Kingdom Hearts time as we wanted, but we still got plenty because it was only one chapter, fortunately.

Of course with the fancy new gaming system, all the worlds are ridiculously huge and fancy, too, so we spent quite a lot of time exploring, and therefore didn't get to do much outside of Toy Box. Of course, we were never huge fans of the Toy Story aesthetic, so we wouldn't have spent so much time exploring if we weren't determined to find more hidden Mickeys. But unfortunately, this quest failed abysmally. You go to this gigantic toy store, and surely you'd think there would be plenty of places to find hidden Mickeys, especially since there is more than one carpet in that place that has randomly places circles in its design. We were disappointed.

It did occur to me, though, that if I had not encountered Toy Story before Kingdom Hearts, I probably wouldn't not be so annoyed with the characters based on the Kingdom Hearts experience. They're all reasonable enough in the game. I think I'd probably then watch Toy Story and be like, "Wow, Woody's a jerk. He's nothing like the nice guy Kingdom Hearts led me to believe he is." But the point is, I think in the cases of certain worlds, I'm going to have to remove them from the outside-Kingdom Hearts context.

That's not going to be the case with the Kingdom of Corona, I think. We had just a few minutes before bed to get started in that world, and they have nailed Flynn Rider's personality. I like how they make it clear to the players that Flynn is not exactly a stand-up guy, but also Sora and pals end up playing along because they've always been that naive. They did replay a few scenes exactly from the movie, which was annoying, because I'm like, "Come on, if I want to watch the movie, I'll watch the movie," especially now that Disney movies are all CGI, so it's not like there's even a difference in art medium.

They replayed Rapunzel's whole war with herself, which I will admit was a great montage, and it's kind of fun to have Sora, Donald, or Goofy in the background of all those scenes (Flynn asked Sora to leave her alone, or else I'm convinced Sora would have been talking to her already instead of just hanging out in the background). But the thing that really made it worth it to have that montage is that you can actually go into the cave where Rapunzel was reconsidering her decision, and when she follows Sora in, she says, "Maybe I should go back after all." So that was cool.

We also spent some time back at Olympus, because we knew that we had seen a ton of hidden Mickeys before Sora got his phone, and we were determined to find some of them! And we did find some of them, so I'm feeling a little better about life.

Oh, and I did want to mention that during the Toy Box stuff, I realized that the only toys that were alive were Andy's toys, and since that's not how it is in the movies, I was wondering what was up with that. Well, they explained that it was their bond with Andy that gave them hearts, so in this version of the Toy Story world, only the toys that have beloved children to play with them have hearts. That's actually a perfectly reasonable explanation, so I'm going to go ahead and say this is a parallel universe Toy Story, where the characters aren't all horrible to each other. It's still going to have that guilt by association thing, though.

Today I'm thankful for finishing that simulpub chapter, still having plenty of time to play Kingdom Hearts, Page spending lots of time hanging out with us while we played, Sora always being Sora, and getting to sleep in tomorrow.
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