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Last night I ate a hotdog. I'm not really a fan of hotdogs, and I actually decided I didn't really like them before I found out what's in them. Or I found out what's in them and didn't care and kept eating them for quite a while until I stopped liking the way they taste or their texture. I can't really remember which. But last night I ate one last night. I did it because our anime buddy's brother went to all the trouble to make them, and I didn't want it to be a wasted effort, since he was so kind as to cook for us. But now that it's over and done with, I am extremely grossed out by the fact that I ate a hot dog. Bleck.

It was really nice to play DDR again, though Athena says it felt slower than usual. We got to play La Senorita and Drop the Bomb, and that made me very happy. And we found out that DDR Extreme has a mix of The Neverending Story, which was pretty neat. Our anime buddy's other brother talked like he was the DDR king, since he was the one with the memory card that had all the unlocked songs and characters, but watching him play, he was very sloppy. Like he's generally good at judging when the arrows make it to the top, but he hasn't realized that it's all about keeping time. Or something. All I'm saying is don't talk big unless you can back it up. He didn't even watch us play, the coward. Heheh, and now I'm talking big. We can't even play most songs on Standard. Oy.

When we were done playing DDR, the brother that made dinner started playing Karaoke Revolution. That game makes me sad because I don't know any American music except Disney songs. If there was a Disney Karaoke Revolution, we would so own that game.

Today I'm thankful for improved skill at pancake-making, "My Brother's Keeper" being on Danny Phantom this morning, La Senorita, waffle bowls, and having a ride to church tomorrow.
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