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Missions of Love volume 16

Our copy of Kingdom Hearts III arrived today! But we had work to do, and we'd already planned to take tomorrow off for a Kingdom Hearts marathon, so it was fairly easy to resist the temptation to play it. Sometimes we cannot kick against our already-laid plans. We could have taken today off, but we really wanted to finish that draft we were working on. And we had laundry to do, which would have interrupted things and made it all annoying, and we didn't want to save the laundry for tomorrow because it's supposed to rain.

But anyway! our swan plushie also arrived! It's still in the box, though.

But more importantly! It's Review Rednesday! And this week we have a review of Missions of Love! That almost never happens! Spoilers ahead!

Aaaaaaaah, you guys! This volume was so good!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! Shigure is so cute!!! Okay, definite complaint about the lack of Akira, but I guess he was in the last volume a lot, but come on, he's a main character, too! Stupid Hisame, taking all the spotlight. That kid needs help. And it's so sweet of Yukina to want to give it to him. I'm kind of with his roommates on that subject: How can you stand him? Well, she's got magical shoujo manga heroine powers, that's how. You just can't avoid them, even in the edgiest of series *coughSayILoveYoucough*.

Okay, where did we start? Man, we only edited the book this morning, but it feels like aaaaages ago. We've been overworked for a while and everything is a blur... Or we kept taking extra long breaks to watch anime. We've been overworked for a while and we're feeling rebellious. And then after watching said anime, we checked our translations to make sure they were as funny as we remembered them (they were, what a relief), and then we had to watch two episodes of Miraculous instead of the usual one, and now I'm swooning over Shigure and Adrien! Le sigh... Okay, so where did we start again? Thinking, thinking... thinking...

Hisame! He confessed his love to Mami! Awwww, poor kid. She even took him seriously this time! Maybe if he wasn't such a little jerkface, she wouldn't have turned him down. When she told him about Akira, she was saying, "Just wait; I have to get over this first." But he had to take it and be all stupid about it. It's like, dude, maybe if you would get over yourself for two seconds, you would see that the whole world does not, in fact, hate you. Ugh. On the other hand, he is making it pretty hard for the world not to hate him. He's really cute about it, though. He's very good at making you love him and hate him at the same time. So naturally, Mami turns him down because she's not stupid (I mean, it's one thing to pity a guy, but that had unhealthy relationship written all over it), and now he's heartbroken.

Meanwhile, Shigure and Yukina are having a DTR (that means "define the relationship;" I'm not sure if that's standard jargon, because I live in a very odd little bubble), and they're both being very cute, too. I really appreciate that they're trying so hard to be honest with each other. And Shigure is trying so hard to respect Yukina's feelings even though she's driving him crazy with all her, "Hisame, Hisame, Hisame" stuff. But I wouldn't want Yukina to stop doing that, either, because she's really just trying to help. She's already like a sister to Hisame, so Shigure's the perfect match! ...Or something.

Well, Hisame calls Yukina and they get back together and he makes a public scene of crying on her shoulder/in her lap/in her face/wherever. At first it was cute, but then it was just... Ugh. But it was important because it let Yukina figure out where her boundaries are, and she wasn't afraid to let Hisame know, either, which is important. And now we start the sibling rivalry business. I don't know what's going on with those brothers, but it's messed up. Shigure hinted that there are some secrets there, so I guess we'll find out later. At any rate, it seems to go deeper than the usual sibling rivalry. Anyway, now Hisame's even more upset at Shigure for taking everything from him, because Shigure's the reason Yukina wouldn't let him kiss her. I like to think that Yukina wouldn't have let him kiss her even if she didn't have a future boyfriend, unless she's the type of person to be like, "What, it's just lips touching." But that just happened to be the reason that was most prominent in her mind. So Hisame decides once again that the whole world is against him, and he goes off to cry by himself like the little baby that he is.

Yukina tries to solve the problem, and the only way she knows how is to work everything out through her novel, so she comes up with the most ridiculous plot device. Jack-Hisame poisons Lilia-Yukina with something that can only be cured by an antidote that's administered mouth-to-mouth, and since kissing anyone from another race would cause Lilia's kingdom to be destroyed, Count Louis is forced to choose between letting her die or saving her and making her hate him for all eternity. The options are nice and dramatic, but really? An antidote that can only be administered mouth-to-mouth? Is it activated by saliva or something? And then deactivated if it touches oxygen? I don't know, it might be scientifically possible, but man is that a roundabout way to do things. We didn't question the "one kiss will destroy the whole kingdom" thing as much, because it was an ancient legend and those work by different rules, but now that I think about it... Of course, just because that is the legend doesn't mean it's true, but we understand not wanting to risk it. I do wonder how it would come about, though. Would it be some magic spell where they kiss and BOOM! the kingdom is destroyed? Or would it activate a slow curse? Or is it just a thing they tell princesses to caution them against falling for enemy rulers? It does seem to be a common enough trope. Princess falls for enemy ruler, she pledges herself to him, he kills her and takes over the kingdom. It could happen. Hence the legend.

So, when faced with this very dramatic decision, Count Shigure confronts his brother and tells him how he really feels! Not sure how that's going to save Lilia before she dies, but no one will know until they find out what Shigure's feelings actually are! So Yukina goes to find out. And what she learns is that *GASP!!!* Shigure is jealous of Hisame. Wait a second while I put on my surprised face.




And now that we know how Shigure feels, we're still wondering, "How is that going to help exactly?" Usually stuff like that goes something like this: "You're not the only one suffering, okay!" "Oh yeah, wanna bet? I have to deal with this and this and this!" "Well I have to deal with this and this and this!" "But that's not the same because I have duh-duh-duh-duh-DUH!" "Yeah? Well I have..." And you get the picture. It just turns into the misery Olympics and nobody wins. But that's all okay, because before we get to that, we have another cute scene with Shigure. Oh my goodness, he is SO cute. After about a million years, he remembers that he promised to cure Yukina's fear of glasseslessness. And he so genuinely wants to help her, I love it.

And then the whole thing is put on hold because his father shows up! Dun dun DUN! And he invites them all to family dinner! DUN DUN DUN!!! But Yukina, not realizing the significance of meeting the parents, is eager to see Hisame and get him to read her novel so he can be inspired to patch things up with Shigure, so she readily agrees. At least she maintains enough presence of mind to remember that Shigure acts differently around his father than he normally acts. And while she's trying to figure out how to get Hisame to read her novel, Shigure's mother comes to the rescue and brings up the subject herself! She happens to be a fan! Well, what do you know. And there just happened to be a development with the brothers. "Mm-hm, yes, do go on..." Yukina is thinking. But then Shigure's dad makes everything stupid. He's all, "One brother's awesome and the other is a failure. Sounds like Shigure and Hisame." And first of all, it's like, okay, no one said Jack was a failure. We think maybe he assumed that because Louis is a count, which clearly means he's more successful, while Jack had to go and be a hitman.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Hisame finally put two and two together about Yukina getting an email from Dolce. He didn't quite add them up yet, but he put the numbers with each other. This conversation about the brothers is what finally gets him to four. So after Yukina tells their father off for being a jerk, and she and Shigure have a touching scene on the balcony where they both decide not to run away from their problems, Shigure walks away for some reason, and Hisame sets his trap. Dun dun DUN!!! And Yukina falls for it. To her credit, she at least was like, "Why am I following these instructions?" We were also amused when Shigure got back to where he left her and commented, "She's always wandering off..." It's so true!

Anyway. Hisame anonymously sent text messages to Yupina, giving directions to the "secret treasure" in the restaurant where Yukina was. He led Yupina right to where he was, and lo and behold, caught Yukina instead! Dun dun DUN!!! So he's like, "Aha! I know your secret!" and she's like, "Yeah, so?" and he's like, "What if I tell Shigure!" and she's like, "No seriously, what's your point?" and he's like, "Come on." And she's like, "GASP!!!!" And now she's his slave.

This part made us very sad. It's not like we don't understand Yukina's trouble, but we were like, "Please! Just talk to Akira! He knew all along that you were using him, and he didn't care! He can help!" But we figure she doesn't want to rub it in his face that she likes likes somebody else. Fortunately! Mami calls and they get together for some girl talk...and fail abysmally at any form of useful communication. This is where we learn that Akira wants to talk to Mami! And that reminds us about the scene of him and the magazine. Oh my goodness, that was so adorable. I remembered it before he did. We were translating the cover of the magazine, and I was like, "Oh yeah! They took his picture!" He did not remember that until after he saw the picture, and it was so so so cute. But we won't get any more on that this volume. The only other good(?) thing that came from that conversation is that Mami revealed to Yukina that someone was on the verge of letting her secret out. I really kind of wish Akira had seen it first, because I really want to know how Akira would help in this situation. But come to think of it, Mami and Hisame are the only ones who really use the internet, really, Hisame's plan to use the internet probably wouldn't tell Shigure anything. But since they're brothers, Yukina is never really safe.

We want to believe that Shigure wouldn't really care about it. I mean, it's not like everybody knows that the story is based on him. And Yukina's been putting herself out there more than anyone, so. Also, we like to think he would hear about it and go, "Ooohh, it all makes sense now." I mean, we all know she didn't approach him out of any affection for him on her part. But she's so lovestruck now, she's not going to think of that. The risk is too great. I do want to say, though, that while we were searching past files for flashback quotes, I saw something Shigure said that indicates he might be understanding of Yukina's plight. When he found out how Mami felt about him, he thought, "I've been hurting her all this time and I had no idea." So maybe that experience will help him be more forgiving. We really don't know how he'll react! But it's a fluffy shoujo manga, so I'm guessing it will ultimately be happy.

But! it's not over yet, so we still have some drama to get through. And that drama comes in the form of Hisame blackmailing Yukina! She's forced to have a taste of her own medicine, as Hisame orders her to fall in love with him! Dun dun DUN!!! That is going to be an odd thing, though. She doesn't want Shigure to hate her, so she's going to do the one thing that she absolutely knows he will hate, to prevent him from finding out about something he will maybe hate. We're hoping, based on the preview, that she's going to make that connection, too. But we won't know until the next volume!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh! This series is so much fun. I'm really excited to see what happens next!

We wrote this review so long ago (October 2017) that we had to check to make sure we were posting the right one. We have translated 17, and that was a long time ago, too. But we checked, and this is the right one. You guys! This series is so much better than the reviewers give it credit for! Please check it out!!!

As for new releases, this week we thought there would be two, but it looks like the Sailor Moon Eternal Edition got delayed again, so now there's only one, and! it's the final volume of The Voynich Hotel! Tadah!

And tune in next week for our review of Waiting for Spring 10!

Today I'm thankful for getting to look back at Missions of Love, getting to watch some of A Series of Unfortunate Events, finishing that draft we were working on, our swan plushie arriving, and having our copy of Kingdom Hearts III.
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