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Choir non practice

The big event today was choir practice! And nobody showed up! ...And that's pretty much exactly how we expected it to go. See, ward conference is in two weeks, and usually the ward is supposed to have the choir perform that Sunday, but nobody in the bishopric asked us anything about it, so we were just cruising along doing our thing until Sunday when one of the women in the ward asked if we were going to have the ward choir sing for ward conference. She's the go-getter type, and of course we're always down for a good choir performance (or, you know, even a completely amateurish one), so we said okay, let's see if we can put a choir together!

So we tried and we failed, but! we're determined, so now we're going to see about posting to our ward's Facebook group about it more frequently and see if we can drum up some interest. We're going to see if we can share a video clip of the Wells Fargo Wagon song from The Music Man as our way of saying, "See, we don't care how weird your singing voice is!"

...That is, if we can remember to do that in the midst of all our work. But typing this here will be a helpful reminder!

Other than that, it's been work as usual. We're starting to get serious about planning a trip to Japan this year, so that's exciting. And our copy of Kingdom Hearts III is in the United States. We might get it as early as tomorrow!

Today I'm thankful for finishing our work quota, learning that Sailor Moon Eternal Edition 3 was not delayed as Amazon and Barnes & Noble led people to believe (unless no one told Kodansha's Facebook account), having one person show up to choir practice (I guess I should have mentioned that; the woman we planned choir practice with showed up), getting home in time to watch some TV, and the hope of getting to play KH3 soon.
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