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That sinking feeling

The good news is, our copy of Kingdom Hearts III shipped last night! The bad news is, it's still not going to get here before the American version comes out, which we didn't originally think was going to be a problem, but then we found (from our mother) that our brother-in-law is going to be getting it, and he's a firefighter, which means he'll have like three days of not being at work that he can just play Kingdom Hearts all day. Meanwhile, our neutral news is that we don't have time to play Kingdom Hearts anyway, so it doesn't matter that it's not here yet. And to be honest, it doesn't really matter that much that our brother-in-law is going to get it first because even if we did talk to him regularly, he would probably have the sense not to spoil anything, but we're just jealous and I'm still processing it, which means it made me forget the other thing I was going to talk about today.

Except I didn't forget entirely; I only forgot how I was going to introduce it. The point is we had a simulpub chapter to work on today, so our schedule was thrown off-balance, so we decided to see what we could do about our leaky sink. ...Only our schedule wasn't so thrown off that we figured we might as well call maintenance. We thought we'd see if we could figure something out ourselves first, because if possible, we'd like to clear some of the clutter out of our kitchen before calling somebody in to work in that small space.

So first, I looked under the sink to see if I could see anywhere that might be the source of dripping. Everything seemed pretty dry, though, so I turned on the water to see what would happen. Nothing happened. Maybe that was because I only had a little water running, so I tried turning up the volume. Still nothing happened.

So the best we could figure was that it was a fluke, or maybe it gets backed up sometimes and that causes a leak or something. Our diagnosis was to keep an eye on it, but in the meantime, at least we don't have to call maintenance right away.

Keeping an eye on it was the right call, because later we had a new puddle. It was after Athena attempted to wash the spatula from our pancake adventures. We determined that the difference was probably that, when I was testing the sink, I had been using cold water. We haven't turned on the hot water to check since then, but when things were still wet, I investigated under the sink, and I think I found the leak! Tadah!

So now our plan is to put a container under the leak to catch water, try to use as few dishes as possible while we gradually clean the kitchen in the midst of all our other things to do (which, ideally, will include Kingdom Hearts III), and then call maintenance when we're feeling better prepared to deal with people coming into our home.

Today I'm thankful for Kingdom Hearts III being on the way, having a pretty good idea of our sink's problem, finishing our simulpub, having time to work on some other stuff, and having a lovely conversation with Mom on the phone.
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