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The Ordeal of the Pancakes

We did not expect tonight's pancake-making adventures to turn into such an ordeal. We figured we'd had enough practice from our other pancakes adventures that adding an egg or two to the mix shouldn't make it that much more intimidating. ...And in fact, that was the least of our problems.

The first problem was something we noticed while getting ready. We had a few dishes that needed to be washed, and after that, we noticed water on the floor. Water that had clearly not been spilled in the dish-washing process--it was coming from the cabinet under the sink. Our sink has a leak.

This discouraged us from anything that would involve using the kitchen sink, because it's Sunday and we didn't want to call maintenance. We thought maybe it was from only the one side of the sink, so we decided to proceed anyway, and only use the other side of the sink. This turned out not to help very much, but through the magic of "I'm leaving it there to soak," we managed to minimize further sink usage, and at least the puddle on the floor stayed pretty small.

The eggs were a little intimidating, but we managed to get them into the mix without incident. The incident came much later, when I found out the hard way that I'd had the heat on the stove up too high. I mean, I noticed that the pancakes were kinda dark, but we like our food well done, so we didn't think it was that big a deal--just watch it a little more closely and flip it sooner. No biggie.

The smoke detector disagreed. I mean, I'd noticed the smoke coming from the pan, too, but I didn't think there was that much of it. So we had to put out pancake-making on hold while we reminded ourselves how to shut off the smoke alarms. Pro tip: it helps to make sure there's no more smoke in the area. (Yes, I proclaim our incompetence loudly to the world. And we were at least smart enough to stop making more smoke. We just took a while to figure out that we needed to turn on a fan and open a door or window.)

And it really doesn't take that much time to tell, but that was probably the most harrowing pancake-making experience we've ever had. ...Although I do seem to remember feeling pretty harrowed the first time I tried making pancakes and was a miserable failure at flipping them. I'm much better at it now.

Anyway, after all that we were really hoping these pancakes did not disappoint. And the verdict is...they did not! Huzzah! I mean, I would still probably say it's not the most mind-blowing food of all time, but they satisfied our pancake needs. (The back of the box also had a suggestion for "the ultimate pancakes" or something like that, that tweaked the recipe to add more sugar and stuff. I actually think I might like my pancakes on the less sweet side, but we might try that version someday.)

And now we have a bunch of leftovers that we're saving for breakfast tomorrow so we won't need to wash bowls after eating cereal like we usually do. This is going to be a busy week.

Today I'm thankful for surviving the pancake ordeal, getting some pretty good pancakes out of it, still having time to watch My Little Pony afterwards, this week's scripture study having a suggestion to draw pictures, and have I been thankful for the notebooks we got from our Wizarding World crates? Because we have been using them for our scripture study, and I just love them so much.
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