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Today turned out to be a day of last-minute "let's try to better ourselves" sort of choices. It started at the grocery store, because for the last couple of days we've been thinking wow, wouldn't it be nice to have some decent pancakes. Some of you may remember that we tried the pancake thing a few months ago. We were too afraid to buy eggs, so we went with the just-add-water Krusteaz mix. It was okay for a while, and then we were just like, "Blegh these pancakes are not good!" Maybe they would have been better if we'd tried to put things on them like syrup or something, but we're not exactly comfortable in the kitchen, so after spending all the time making the pancakes, the last thing we want to do is figure out how to plate them. We want to just grab a pancake off the pile and eat it with our bare hands. (That's ridiculous. Everyone knows you eat with your mouth.)
(You know what I mean.)

We tried another mix, which Gaston told us was the best pancake mix he'd ever had...and it was really not any better than the Krusteaz. We think his opinion is skewed because he does not eat his pancakes plain.

So we determined that if we wanted decent pancakes, we were either going to have to find a way to get to a restaurant, or work up our courage and buy some eggs. So we scrapped the whole idea because we're way too busy to worry about that stuff. ...Until today! I don't remember why, but we were thinking about pancakes the other night, and we were like, "If only we could have Mom come down here with, like, two dozen Bisquik pancakes..." (Bisquik is what we grew up on. I think opinions are divided on how good it is, but it's the taste of our childhood, so we like it. ...Or at least, we remember liking it.)

We actually went so far as to make the suggestion to Mom. She thought it would be more practical if we went up to see her and she made the pancakes there. We weren't necessarily opposed to that idea, but no plans were made (our schedule is in an odd place right now) before we went to the grocery store, which was today. And Athena said, "Maybe we should just get some Bisquik." And we'd been watching MasterClasses with Dominique Ansel making these amazing desserts that--of course--all require eggs, so we'd been thinking it was getting to be time to take the leap.

So we did! We bought eggs! And we carried them home and didn't break them! ...I think. We didn't look in the carton after we got them home. But we did put them in the fridge (we're not that ridiculous). And now we are prepared to make decent(?) pancakes. But we might make cornbread instead (we also bought one box of Jiffy), because it's a lot less involved. We've been doing pretty good at following up with our commitment to use pasta sauce, so we think we might actually follow through on using the eggs, too.

The other "let's better ourselves" choice was a result of Netflix and Amazon Prime not showing us the shows we wanted to watch. We were thinking we'd spend the evening finally getting to the third season of A Series of Unfortunate Events, but it wasn't working. So, since Studio C mentions Downton Abbey a lot in a way that makes me curious about it (and also indicates it might be a good resource for fancy-talkin' manga character dialogue), we tried to watch that on Amazon Prime. That wasn't working either.

So we got caught up on our anime, and we watched some MasterClasses! So now we know how to make a beautiful chocolate mousse cake in the French style. Will we ever actually make the cake? Maybe, but we were much more motivated to gift this particular MasterClass to Sarah and see if she would make all the yummies for us. (We think we might even be able to try the apple tart.) And we had a little extra time, so instead of moving on to the bonbons lessons (mmmm, bonbons...), we watched some of Steve Martin's classes on comedy. It was a good time.

Today I'm thankful for having eggs, the eggs not breaking on the way home, getting to watch some nifty MasterClasses, the hope of eating some Bisquik pancakes in the not too distant future, and the hope that one day Netflix will let us watch A Series of Unfortunate Events again.
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