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Kingdom Hearts 0.2

Well, we haven't figured out a way to get ourselves excited to get to work in the morning, but in the name of not crushing what little morale we do have, we decided to not work until bedtime. It helps that our schedule is juuuust so that we have the illusion of not being rushed.

But the important thing is that we finally, finally got to play Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A Fragmentary Passage. If you think the title is excessively long, let me tell you about the excessive fanciness of the graphics! ...Actually, I won't tell you much more than that, because I'm terrible at physical descriptions, but oh my goodness, this game has detailed backgrounds. Anyway, it was released several months (maybe more than a year? that's how little time we've been able to devote to remembering Kingdom Hearts stuff (Athena points out that yes, it was more than a year, because at AX2017, Miyu Irino said he just got his PS4 and he was finally playing it)), and we forgot all about it, so I thought maybe it was just a fancier version of the little epilogue you play after the original Birth by Sleep. It is not. It's an entirely new epilogue! And it's amazing!

It starts out with a super duper fancy movie set to a remix of the song Hikari (we're playing the Japanese version; we gave up entirely on the English version after we played Birth by Sleep: Final Mix...which is not to say that we wouldn't get Kingdom Hearts III: Final Mix if they release one, but we're kind of hoping they don't), and it's basically a review of Aqua's tragic life story, and it made me cry! Aaaahhh!!!

And then Aqua finds herself in Cinderella's castle town, which she thought was odd, because she was in the Dark World, and Cinderella's world was...not supposed to be. I'm guessing this is after Maleficent started capturing princesses. But I'm not going to say any more than that about the story, because I'm too lazy to put things under a cut. The point is Aqua wasn't sent back to level one, so she's got some pretty amazing powers, and they look super impressive on the new PS4 version. Kingdom Hearts never looked so fancy, so obvs this is getting our hopes up for KH3. Or it would, if we didn't hate every world they told us they're going to. Except for the Kingdom of Corona. And I guess San Fransokyo is okay...I mean, I don't hate it, but I don't love it. I guess Arendelle did have some stunning visuals.

And the thing that's going to cause us the most trouble is that they give you challenges, like beat X number of Y Heartless, and we wouldn't be able to ignore that kind of thing anyway, but the prizes for completing all the challenges is fancy stuff to dress Aqua up in! Oh my goodness, this game. I would be so super stoked about it if we weren't trying to rush through it to be ready for Kingdom Hearts III. Well, we didn't start playing the first Kingdom Hearts right after it came out, and we already know all the worlds they go to anyway, so if we end up getting to it late, I guess it won't be so bad. It would be super nice to take three weeks off to play Kingdom Hearts, but that would interfere with our plans to save up for a trip to Japan.

Today I'm thankful for getting enough work done today, having time to exercise, the Strength & Cardio workout not killing us as much this time (it really does help to know what's coming), having time to play A Fragmentary Passage, and getting to see what a super awesome game it is.
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