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The importance of morale

Today we were given another lesson in "well that was obvious." But it involved some excitement, so it's a win-win!

See, we had a pretty nice weekend, and even though work has been slightly easier, I was feeling pretty averse to the whole idea, and sure enough, when we got to work, it wasn't going so well. But we overcame the difficulties and soldiered on. When the first CD was over, we checked our email as usual. There was one from Tokyo Otaku Mode, and they were having a plushie sale.

Some of you may remember the peacock plushie we were so excited to get several months ago. It's from Kotori Tai, and! they had a new set of plushies the same size. And this one had the cutest swan in it! It has a golden crown and everything! It's SOOOOO cute! And we immediately went to go buy it. And now we are super excited.

Then we got back to work. And shocker of all shockers (by which I mean, not shocking at all), work went better. I had a much easier time being like, "Yeah, that sounds natural," instead of like, "I don't even know how to word anymore!" And so we were reminded, after having forgotten for many many many months, that morale really is important to productivity. Now we just have to figure out how to keep it up continuously. In the meantime, SWAN!!!

Today I'm thankful for SWAN PLUSHIE!, a much-needed morale boost, having time to work out today for the first time in two weeks (okay, so we maybe had time on Friday, but by then we were like, "Might as well wait until next week," and besides, Athena was still getting over a cold), feeling better because we exercised, and having a lovely conversation with mom on the phone.
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