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I really wish I had something to keep my hands warm while I type. Oh well.

The other day Mimsy got on the inflatable chair for the first time. We didn't try to stop her because it was adorable, and we'd had it for over a year, so it seemed like the cats had a pretty good idea that it was not to be scratched. We had forgotten that Mimsy has to claw at anything she gets on, especially if it's for the first time.

So now the chair is deflated. The arms aren't, though, and it's really cute when Mimsy sits on the deflated part with the arms as a little fort-type thing. She'd probably do it more if the weather hadn't turned cloudy, because the chair is kind of in the sun.

So despite my angsty post yesterday, we have plans to go to our anime buddy's house and play DDR tonight (the plans were made on Monday). I'm definitely looking forward to it because I am freezing. And we might get pizza. We're not clear on all the details--just that she'll come get us and there will be DDR.

Aaand we just checked the listings for Nickelodeon tonight, and they're showing Micro-Management at 9:30 here for like the third week in a row. It's a good episode, but come on, people! But if anyone hasn't seen it yet, now's a good time to see the adorable Danny Phantom logo t-shirt. Check your local listings!

Today I'm thankful for patch kits, extra creamy KitKats, chocolate breaks, Steve Irwin, and giant bags of pretzels.
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