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Sunday studies

I think we might finally be getting settled into the new Sunday routine. ...Although we did spend a fair amount of time watching TV. I wouldn't say it was mindless TV watching, but that's what everybody says who's trying to justify all their TV watching. We probably won't watch as much when we're done with the latest season of My Little Pony. We managed to coordinate it so we can finish the last episodes next week--the last Sunday before Wii stops supporting Netflix. It's a sentimental thing--we don't want to watch My Little Pony on our fancy new TV yet, because we started this season on the old one. (But we did watch the Christmas special on our new one. But that's a different thing.)

And! we studied! Tadah! I think I mentioned the new "Come, Follow Me" curriculum that we're using in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint. It's designed for people like us who don't really know how to study, because first it says, "Okay, here, read the assignment. Now write down what you thought about it. Now here's a question you may or may not have thought of while reading it, how about you answer it in your own thoughts? etc. etc."

This time, we read the Gospel of John chapter 1, and one of the sections first said hey, wouldn't it be cool to make a list of all of the truths John testified about? And then it said, "What would you say if you were testifying about Jesus?" And it made me feel like...okay, so one of the things they said about this new curriculum is that they hoped to inspire people to not just learn stuff, but act on what they learn. So it made me think about how in Japanese schools, they sometimes have a weekly goal, and I feel like this weeks goal is to talk about Jesus more. Especially because after it asked that question it asked, "Who do you think could stand to hear your testimony about Jesus?" It's actually something I have a hard time with, mostly because religion is such a tricky subject, and because it's so personal to me, and etc. etc. all the usual excuses.

So I'm going to step outside my comfort and say a few things. I admit most of the things I know about Jesus Christ come from reading the scriptures, which means it's basically like, "Well, this other guy said..." But let me start with that and then I'll move on to why I think they're telling the truth. First, I know that Jesus created the world, He is the Son of God, who came to earth to show us how to live and to save us from our sins. Sometimes I think of Him like a karma catcher, so they say what goes around comes around, but instead, when I mess up, my mistake goes around, and before it comes back to me, He catches it! ...Maybe it's a little silly, but it makes it easy for me to understand. And of course, I have to repent or He's going to let it come back to me after all. And I also think that karma is sometimes delayed so we can have a chance to repent.

But anyway. I also believe that Jesus loves me and is watching over me and sometimes nudging me on the right path to go. And the reason I believe all of this to be true is that I've had experiences that could be coincidences, but really seem more like there had to be a divine hand at work. The most obvious and easily-remembered-off-the-top-of-my-head example is when we were trying to find the church building in Nakano approximately three years ago (very close to exactly three years ago, actually), and we almost literally bumped into a pair of missionaries who were able to take us there. I know there are a ton of other examples, but most of the time they're very small, and almost unnoticeable. Kind of like when we got that flash flood warning last week, and Athena prayed, and suddenly the very loud heavy rain got a lot quieter.

And that's all I have to say about that for today. Today I'm thankful for having a pretty good Sunday, our beloved chocolate Costco cookies lasting until today (okay, they were a little stale by today, but still yummy! (we didn't finish them off sooner because we've been too busy to stop and eat cookies)), Jesus being my Loving Friend, Page hanging out with us while we watched My Little Pony, and the beautiful weather we had today.
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