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So little time

Today we finally set up the PS4 with our fancy new TV...and discovered that the default color settings were not ideal. Maybe it seemed especially skewed because Dream Drop Distance is an especially psychedelic game, as Kingdom Hearts goes, so it's possible that the vibrant colors of the fancy TV made the dream-like colors of KH3D that much dreamier, and it weirded us out. But the result is that we spent an inordinate amount of time trying to find the ideal color settings for the PS4. We're not entirely sure we succeeded, but we think it's satisfactory anyway.

By then we knew we didn't have any time to get any decent gaming in, so we were going to watch Last Man Standing, but it turns out there wasn't a new episode. At a loss for what to do, especially because I was still on my iPad trying to find solutions to the PS4 colors problem, Athena decided to put Mitsuboshi Colors on for background noise. Soon after that, I found what I figured was the best solution we were going to get, and my iPad was only at 3% power so I had to stop anyway, so! we just watched the rest of the episode.

And you guys, if you haven't seen Mitsuboshi Colors, I would recommend changing that. This show is seriously so adorable. The girls in it are really annoying, but in the cutest way possible. That's what makes them so much like real children. ...Come to think of it, the first episode might be the only one we saw fully animated. ...We might have also seen the second one. What I'm saying is, it's very tempting to just re-watch the whole series. But we don't have time for that! We have to get through Kingdom Hearts II.8 before we can play Kingdom Hearts III, which comes out in a week!, and we have A Series of Unfortunate Events to watch, and maybe since it's looking like Sora and Pals are going back to Port Royal, we should watch the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie, and of course there's the endless work... And manga! and the Yuki Kaji DVD I got Athena for Christmas! And Sailor Moon Musicals!

...Well, I'm sure we'll get to it all eventually.

Today I'm thankful for having the PS4 set up, getting to watch the Ace Attorney special, getting to watch Mitsuboshi Colors, having some time to just relax and mess with the TV, and Eren Jeager not giving up on us entirely.
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