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Getting some variety in our schedule

We decided to take it a little bit easy today, since we kiiiiind of made ourselves a little sick over the week. It could be attributed to overwork, but it could also be attributed to cold season. The answer is probably a little of both.

And as we took it easy today, we listened to the Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight CD drama! Woohoo! When we started it, we were a little confused, because the first track is the bonus track, and in all our CD drama experience, the voice actor chat is the last track. We were like, "Did we do something wrong?" Frankly, I was a little bit worried that somehow we got a defective CD.

But anyway, the whole thing was super adorable. I still can't really reconcile the sound of Yuki Kaji's voice with the visual for Kaede in my head, but his performance was really good. And! the real bonus track was at the end, where they had a little extra story about Kaede doing a radio show, and for that episode they had the listeners write in with requests for scenarios they wanted Kaede to act out. And they had a soundbite of a bunch of girls shouting, "Please, Kaede-kun!" so when he read the first request ("I want to an egghead yakuza to come onto me!"), and he was like, "Wait, really? You're really going to make me do this?", they played the soundbite and he was like, "Okay, fine..." And then it was just a showcase of Kaji-kun's Kaede's acting ability, and it was adorable. Of course, the whole time, Hinana was like, "I actually wrote in, but he's not going to read mine." And you all know how that ended up.

After the CD, we had some time to finally get back to watching some MasterClass videos. We learned how to make a strawberry tart! ...And this is just another example of how we're fascinated by the culinary arts but highly unlikely to attempt them ourselves. Nevertheless, we now know how simple it is to make jam, and how to identify a ripe peach, so our veeeeerrrrrrrrryyyy slow quest toward making fruit accessible to ourselves has taken a baby step or two forward. And we might consider buying ingredients for the pastry cream we learned how to make (it includes eggs, our weakness! (but we do like eggs)).

Today I'm thankful for making slightly more progress than expected today, finally getting another review written, getting to listen to the adorableness of the Stroke of Midnight CD, getting to go to Target today, and having some peppermint Drumsticks to try.
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