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Still on schedule (ish)

Well, work took longer today than we'd hoped, but we finished it! It's hard, because we're at a point where we don't know if we need to work this hard or not, we're only doing it just in case. ...And because we want to go to the Disneyland Office tomorrow, and we're being super ambitious and hoping to finish two first drafts, which would result in us being gone a long time and unable to spend extra time finishing up this week's anime episode.

We're pretty sure finishing two first drafts is a long-shot, even if they are both titles that aren't exactly known for text density, but the more important thing is that there's still rain in the forecast, and this would give us a chance to use our snazzy new umbrellas. Not only that, but we've both kind of dreamed of sitting and working by a window in a kind of classic-style cafe while it rained outside. They have just the sort of cafe we're thinking of in California Adventure (although the New York Deli at the American Waterfront in DisneySea would be the most ideal), so we want to try it. Even though it's been cold and uncomfortable and all we want to do is curl up under our blankets, we're going to brave the outdoors tomorrow. We'll see how it goes.

Speaking of the rain, though, we were sitting here working on this dark, stormy night, when my phone started going ballistic. It was a flash flood warning! We have no idea if we're in an at-risk area, so we tried Googling it and found nothing helpful. So Athena said a little prayer in her heart, and almost immediately the sound of the rain grew softer and everything felt much safer. For this, we are very grateful.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our work today, having plans to live the dream tomorrow, still being on schedule for our Conquer the Doom plan, being done with song lyrics for this anime, and the calming of the storm.
Tags: busyness, disneyland office, rain, tender mercies

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