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Victor Stone is a fairly common name. Maybe there is more than one Cyborg?



Yeah, sure there is.

The weather has been getting colder, which is probably a good thing, because the longer it takes to heat up here, the less hot it will get. Still, somehow everything feels colder when we're working on CLAMP no Kiseki. Though that probably has more to do with leftover feelings from yesterday than what we're translating. It would be nice if we were back to +ANIMA, though. It's hard to stay sad when working on that.

Our home teacher forgot that he was scheduled to visit. It's happened so many times, we expect it now. We don't hold it against him, because he always remembers in the end, and we're always calling him for rides and stuff. If it was only him, it wouldn't be so hard.

I don't know why people keep forgetting about us. I don't know why people who do remember us seem to only do it when it's profitable for them, or, if it's not, with a hint or more of annoyance. I thought we were trying to be good. I thought we were trying to be considerate. I thought we weren't annoying. And I know some people reading this will say that we thought right, and some of those people will really mean it.

I just don't understand why people seem to gravitate away from us. If you've ever seen the deleted scene from Lilo & Stitch where Lilo tells Nani about the bear named Toaster, that's exactly how we feel. Only I don't think we really had a princess. Was it a princess? I don't remember; it was a few years ago that we saw that.

On the other hand, it's true that we get very attached to things, and if we had a lot of friends here in America, it would be that much harder to go to Japan. So maybe it's for the best.

Okay, I'm done angsting for now.

Tonight I'm thankful for cornbread, neat Final Fantasy quizzes, Asian dramas, bags with zipper seals, and Lilo & Stitch.
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