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We finished (and turned in) our translation of Sailor Moon volume five! Woohoo!!! If I had a Sailor Venus icon, I would use it, because this volume has Sailor Venus on the cover, and we feel rather victorious finally having this volume turned it. It's been at the top of our to-do list since at least September. (But we can't cross it off yet, because we need to remember to write a review.)

The other big news for today is that In/Spectre is officially getting an anime! It's funny, because it might have even been just last night that Athena was saying, "In/Spectre is pretty popular, so it might get an anime pretty soon," and I was like, "Maybe, but it's just a lot of talking, so maybe not," and we were both like, "I guess we'll see." And see we did. Of course the most important question in our minds is will Yuki Kaji be playing Kuro? He's got kind of a generic face, so I can kind of see (hear?) him being played by anybody, really. ...Well, except for maybe, like, Norio Wakamoto.

As for whether or not we want to translate the anime... Well, I really like the series, but the idea of just enjoying it sounds nice, too, so I think I could go either way. But I also know how hard the series is to translate well, and since we would probably only have to make minor tweaks to the dialogue, it seems like it would save a lot of people a lot of grief if they asked us to do it. Of course, if they decide to have an anime-original story... That would be tough.

Anyway, now we have two anime series to look forward to! Yay!

Today I'm thankful for finally finally finally finishing Sailor Moon 5, In/Spectre getting an anime, having a lovely talk with Mom on the phone, being on schedule for our Let's Conquer the Doom plan, and only having to stay up half an hour late.
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