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Alethea & Athena
Getting ready 
13th-Jan-2019 08:23 pm
kid flash
We're going to bed super early tonight! ...Unless we decide it's too early, and watch something on our fancy TV. But we're pretty tired, and we said we'd finish Sailor Moon tomorrow, so we need to make sure to not stay in bed all day tomorrow. ...And we're looking at our schedule through February, and it's kind of scary. It seems doable, but we didn't factor any Disneyland trips into it...and come to think of it, Gaston and Alice were saying something about Knott's Berry Farm in January...

On the bright side, it's only scary if stuff takes a long time! ...And we have to plan for it to take a long time, because if we don't we'll make ourselves grumpy due to unmet expectations. So I guess we'll just assume that things are going to be tight for a while. ...And hope beyond hope that somewhere in there we have time to play Kingdom Hearts, because 3 comes out in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!!!

It's okay. I think we can work things out. Except for Sailor Moon, we are currently ahead of schedule on everything.

Today I'm thankful for singing time going pretty well, getting one of the cakes at Bread Day that we would keep seeing at the grocery store and wanting to buy but didn't because we didn't want to spend the money, getting to do our Come Follow Me studying (this week we're learning about Jesus's birth and childhood!), finally getting Story Trek to work on our TV (I think it's important to remember that, while we do label our things "smartphones" and "smart TVs," they're really not actually that smart), and getting to watch some fun episodes of My Little Pony.
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