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Today we diligently followed our editor's instructions and relaxed. ...Well, we also went grocery shopping, but we almost decided not to, because at about four o'clock this morning there was a long, loud clap of thunder, and then it was raining pretty steadily until after we got out of bed at 10:30. If it had kept raining, we would have stayed home, but the rain stopped and the sun came out, so we figured getting food was important. Then we had a brief discussion about whether or not we should do any other chores, during which we decided that our chores for today were to catch up on sleep (we slept an hour later than we usually do on Saturdays), and that was that. Thus we begin the cycle of never cleaning our apartment. It was a short-lived effort to get on top of that. Oh well, we'll see if we're feeling less averse to working next Saturday.

But the day was not entirely without struggles! We decided we wanted to watch The Thousand Musketeers, because we saw the trailer at Anime Expo and we heard our beloved favorite voice actor's voice, so it's been in the back of our minds. But then we had a really hard time getting the Hidive app to work on our TV. (First world problems, I know.) Eventually we did get it working, and that Very interesting premise, though.

So apparently, in the series, mankind basically destroyed itself with war, so all the survivors were like, whoa that's bad, we should totally not do that anymore. So they gave all their weapons to the government...who turned despotic and created a dictatorship. But since they have all the weapons, no one can fight them...except for a small band of musketeers who are using old antique muskets and stuff to fight back. And the cast is all male, even though there are female characters. I'd be more okay with that if the male actors didn't sound so obviously like dudes trying to sound like women. On the other hand, Shota Aoi is playing a guy, and he still sounds like that. But he sounds like that all the time, so.

So we're not quite sure how we feel about it, but Yuki Kaji plays Kentucky, and he's pretty Murican, except for all the bright pink he wears (I haven't really noticed a lot of American men being into pink, but maybe it's a regional thing?), and I think that's pretty great. He has an American flag posted above his bed, and I love it.

Today I'm thankful for getting to spend a lovely evening watching TV from my bed, the rain letting up long enough for us to go to the grocery store, getting even more extra sleep this morning, Page being super adorable again, and knowing how to count.
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