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We did it! We survived until the weekend! ...We still had to delay turning in Sailor Moon, though. Our editor asked if we could get it in by the end of the week, and we looked at our schedule and said, "Yeah, I think so!" But then Gaston called and we went to Disneyland. When I put it that way, I feel a little bad, like we blew off work just to goof off, but it felt like we blew off work to help people keep track of their kids. It makes me think that maybe we could make a ton of money by starting a Disneyland babysitting service...

Anyway! the other reason we missed that particular deadline is that the other thing we were working on took sooooooooooooooooooooooo loooooooooooooooooooong. We missed that deadline, too, and we were like, "That's okay, we got the majority of it done yesterday! We should finish it with plenty of time today! We might even finish it by lunch!" We were so young and naive then. And the frustrating thing is the dialogue wasn't even that hard. It was all the notes we had to write! We ended up with a 50-page script and ten pages of notes. We had to stop at least once a page to write a note. ...Okay, that's an exaggeration. Sometimes we were really excited to see that there were four whole pages with no notes.

But! we did manage to finish it before dinner, and! after that we had time to do a final readthrough on a couple of Sailor Moon chapters, so we were able to turn in something and let the people down the line get a head start. And now we have that much less work to do on Sailor Moon on Monday. ...I don't think it will save us that much effort, but it's something. Also, it was really nice to read what we had and see that the dialogue turned out pretty good, something for which we are very grateful.

And we still had time to watch TV! It was so nice and relaxing. These days it gets harder and harder to pull ourselves away... Fortunately(?), we don't have a lot of time to get started.

But I wanted to talk about our editor! She emailed yesterday to see if we were still on to turn Sailor Moon in today, and we were like, "Uhhh...we'll see. Update later tonight." And then at the end of last night, we sent her an email that said the other translation was kicking our butts, so it was unlikely that we'd turn Sailor Moon in today, but we'd at least make sure to send in a chapter. And she emailed back to say Monday would be fine and "get some rest!!!!!!!!" I think there were eight exclamation points; I didn't count. But it was a lot. And we really appreciate that. Our editors are the best.

And now we will follow our editor's instructions. Today I'm thankful for finishing the one translation, being able to turn in some Sailor Moon, our rereading of Sailor Moon restoring our confidence, all the help and inspiration we're certain we get when translating, and (say it with me now) getting to sleep in tomorrow.
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