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Oh my goodness, the...I don't have the right word for it. The Crushing? The Absurdity? The Why-do-you-always-do-this-to-yourself? I don't know, but whatever it is, it's already here for 2019. It was partly our own fault, because we let our guard down, and the second that happens is the second it hits. And we did sort of plan for it.

Anyway. So we have this new assignment we're working on, and we said we could get it done by Friday. Because it's new, we don't know how long it will take, but budgeting a whole week for something is usually pretty safe. We knew we'd also have an episode of anime, but we also started the new assignment last week, so we figured it would balance out, and even if the inevitable should happen and Gaston called to say he wanted to go to Disneyland, we probably wouldn't be in too much trouble.

But then our editor said we finally have a due date for the volume of Sailor Moon we've been working on forever and ever, and it, too, is this Friday. Ah, ha, ha! (She asked if that would be okay; she doesn't want to rush us or anything.) The good news is, we've made enough progress on it that it should be okay anyway! At least, if we don't finish it by Friday, we should get it in not long after that. But we really do have no idea how long the new assignment is going to take to finish, and we had a few disappointments last year in regard to finishing at desired speeds, so we're a little antsy.

Then we saw Farley's latest Facebook post, which said that he wouldn't be at work all week! Yes! Gaston will have that much less incentive to come down before next week! Woohoo!

...And that's how we let our guard down. Athena was still expecting the call. When my phone started buzzing, she knew exactly who was on the other end. And sure enough. Even though Farley is taking the week off, one of Gaston's friends is taking his kids to the park this very week. I remember a time when we, too, couldn't stand the thought of someone we know being at Disneyland and us not being there, too. Eventually we came to terms with the fact that thousands upon thousands of people are at Disneyland every day, and it's okay if we're not among them. (Of course, now it's practically the only place we ever go to hang out with friends, so.)

I did mention to Gaston that we have this assignment and we don't know how long it will take, and in an attempt to be helpful, he said, "But you can take work to Disneyland with you!" And while that statement is true, it is not true of any of the four things we're working on this week (which are not at portable stages in the process (for those of you counting at home, the fourth thing is Edens Zero)), but more importantly, we have taken work with us on a w/Gaston Disneyland trip, but we didn't ever actually get a good opportunity to work on it.

But of course, if we were really that worried about it, we would just say no. We had a good enough break over the holidays that we still think we can handle it. We'll see how we're feeling on Friday... But the good news is, we made better progress today than we expected! So that will help.

Today I'm thankful for making good progress on work today, also having time (while our dinner was in the oven) to try out Anonymous Noise (we had no idea it had such an all-star cast!), getting our shiny new Sailor Moon fan club watches, also having time to do our exercise (our routine is already in danger! but we'll persevere), and the mailmen delivering all the packages we ordered to our door so we didn't have to find a ride to the post office.
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