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Alethea & Athena
Back to normal 
5th-Jan-2019 09:17 pm
Well, the Christmas tree is put away, and we're all back to normal. Except! that we still have a fancy TV in our bedroom, and also a big poster of Yuki Kaji. It's actually the cover of the calendar that I got Athena for Christmas, but since it is a poster, basically, we're not sure what to do with it after we remove it from the calendar. So right now, instead of a calendar hanging on the wall, it's the cover and its complete lack of any sort of calendar-ness. We're toying with the idea of wallpapering the office with each poster once those months are over, so when Gaston comes over he can be surrounded by giant pictures of (as far as he knows) some random Asian dude. But let's be honest, it would be far more productive to wallpaper our own room with them...although we do spend a lot of time in the office. But the office walls are already covered a fair amount by shelves and things.

Anyway. We just watched the Seven Deadly Sins movie, and it was...pretty much what you can expect from an anime movie. Just some new Big Bad that is somehow way more powerful than anything they've ever fought before, and yet they can defeat it in the time it takes to watch a movie, despite taking weeks of episodes to deal with whatever "normal" Big Bad they're dealing with in the main series. But the point is to spend more time with the characters and see some cool fight scenes, and in that regard it did its job. Come to think of it, the fact that all the characters were together in one place means that this must be some alternate dimension or something, but...well, we'll just take all the little details and put them over here.

Today I'm thankful for having a lovely Christmas tree while it lasted (if we kept it up all year, it wouldn't be special!), our pizza arriving way earlier than the email said it would (especially important because if it hadn't, we wouldn't have had time for the movie), getting to watch the Seven Deadly Sins movie, Page coming to join us, and it not raining super hard while we were going back and forth with our laundry.
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