Alethea & Athena (double_dear) wrote,
Alethea & Athena

Feeling the burn

Oh man, today has been exhausting. But not in the usual way! ...Well, sort of in the usual way, at first. We have a new series we're working on! And the volumes are shorter than average, so we thought, "Let's just knock out a first draft, and we'll have that much more time to work on the edit next week!" We were naive. It's a comedy, people. You know those come with risks! Risks like...way more text on a page than has any right to be there. Stupid blogs and blog comments. It was tiring for other reasons, but I'm sure you'll hear all about those in the future.

The other reason today was exhausting, and probably the one that I'm still feeling right now, is that we exercised again today! And today's workout was the "strength and cardio" workout, which we should have known from the name was going to be more intense than the others. For some reason the words "strength" and "cardio" only conjure images of me being a stronger, better-able-to-breathe person. I guess my brain blocks out the inbetween stuff as a way to prevent my vehement refusal to do any more of it in the future. It's an unusual sort of self-defense, but it works. Even after that first set of push-ups, I still had it in my head that, "Oh, this isn't so bad." Even though push-ups are my archnemesis. And now I'm sore all over! Tadah! Athena was having a hard time standing up. Well, it's a good thing we're exercising, because clearly we need it!

Nevertheless, we did take some time out to relax and play Kingdom Hearts. We're not at a crunched schedule yet, and after last year, we have resolved that we will not work after dinner unless we're that crunched. ...So we'll see how next week goes.

Today I'm thankful for getting more than two-thirds through that draft anyway, surviving our workout, getting to relax and watch TV afterward while we waited for our pizza to cook, getting to see Little Boy Cat again (he tends to wander off for several weeks at a time), and getting to sleep in tomorrow.
Tags: busyness, exercise

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