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Well, our new year is getting off to an okay start. We took yesterday off, because after staying up until midnight, logically, we wanted to sleep in. It's really hard to get any work done after sleeping in, so we decided not to. ...Well, that's only partly true. We're translating a season two anime this season, and we hadn't seen the first season as of when we agreed to do it, so we spent part of yesterday finishing up with season one.

Another part of yesterday we spent working out. Tadah! We've been feeling for a while now that we needed to get back int o exercising, and we tried a thing or two, and none of them seemed to work as well (by which I mean we didn't like them as much) as when we were using Daily Burn. (Although, come to think of it, I did like the radio calisthenics video we found on YouTube, but since it was only three minutes long, we figured we needed something more substantial.)

So yesterday we reactivated our Daily Burn account, which we only gave up because once we got back from Japan three years ago, work crushed us and we didn't have time for it anymore. We might still not really have time for it anymore, but we figured we should at least give it a shot. And we were really excited at the prospect of getting fit! And then we did the workout! And we were like, "Do I have to do this every day for the rest of my life!?" in a "What have I gotten myself into?" sort of attitude. (The answer is, no, silly, of course you don't have to do this every day. True Beginner is an eight-week program with a variety of workouts that increase in difficulty! (That's right; we're overwhelmed at the prospect of doing True Beginner every day.))

On the bright side, the first workout didn't kill us nearly as badly as it did the first time we tried it about three and a half years ago. So our health hasn't declined that much yet! I think! I remember the first time, the next day we could barely move from the soreness. But today, we were totally fine until about ten minutes ago, and it's been over 24 hours! We did have some scheduling issues that resulted in us not working out today... But since True Beginner has six workouts a week, and we started on a Tuesday, we figured we were going to have to get creative with the schedule for this week anyway. I think the plan is to do half of the workouts for the week, and then start from the beginning again on Monday.

Other than that, the main news is we're still working. And watching Wotakoi. Oh man, that series is so good. Every time we get to the end of an episode it makes me sad. It makes me think we're going to have to get the manga, but we haven't figured out how to work manga reading (for fun) back into our schedule. Maybe if we'd stop watching TV and playing video games... That reminds me, Kingdom Hearts III comes out this month! We need to get back to II.8! Aaaaaaahhh!

Oh! And Athena's Christmas present finally got here! I got her the Yuki Kaji 2019 calendar, and oh my goodness, I did not expect it to be that big! I mean, we'd ordered otaku calendars in the past, so I knew to expect poster sizes, but dang. And most of the pictures are super adorable! and a couple of them are like, "What are you doing, you silly person?" but we love them anyway. The interesting thing is that for the September/October picture, he's dressed all preppy in a "back to school" sort of style, but in Japan "back to school" is in April...

I also got her a DVD of Yuki Kaji's TV show, Kaji 100!. And so you ask why we watched Wotakoi instead of that. The short answer is we're lazy. Watching a Japanese DVD would have required setting things up. Watching anime on our smart TV required turning on the TV. ...And then figuring out why the TV wouldn't connect to the internet, but we didn't know that when we made the decision. Also, it's warmer in our bedroom than in the living room. It's been really cold this winter!

Today I'm thankful for finishing our work today, getting to watch more Wotakoi, Athena's Christmas present getting here, the mailman actually bringing it here instead of just leaving us a note to go to the post office, and having more adorable pictures of Yuki Kaji.
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