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Year in Review: 2018

We just decided to stop working on Sailor Moon volume 5, and now it's our usual bedtime, so it's our usual LJ time! I'm not sure if that's a good habit; we'd probably get to bed sooner if we updated sooner, but it's become routine, so here we are. Anyway, we came pretty darn close (relatively speaking) to finishing the edit on the thing, but it may take another full day of work to get to the end. But the idea that it will only take a day is pretty encouraging.

Anyway! It's that time again! Time to post a meme with the first sentence/paragraph from every first post of the month!

We started our new year by taking the day off! I'm hoping this becomes a trend in not being ridiculously busy, but not a trend in us not having any work and thus being poor. We do have plenty of worked lined up right now, at least.

I think we have a serious problem. We've been working even more extra time lately, because rassa-frassin' anime episode and it's stupid elephant puns took so long (it's okay, anime! you're still our favorite this season, and not just because we get paid to watch you!), and then the thing it pushed back took longer than we hoped (always remember to plan based on how long you expect something to take, not how long you hope it will take (we were, but then the anime took extra long; it's usually so kind to us)), and so now here we are two hours past our bedtime, finally finishing the book that was due today

Yesterday was so hectic that we didn't even think about Review Rednesday until this morning! I can't believe we forgot! Only I can, because this week has been all over the place. We also decided yesterday that we were too tired to try the Disneyland Office thing today, but then we woke up this morning and didn't have the simulpub we were planning to work on, and sources indicated that the crowds were going to be lower today than any other time for the next six weeks or so, so we said aw, heck with it, let's go to Disneyland.

I always like to say something about Easter, because it is such an important day. I mean, everybody makes such a big deal about Christmas, but Christmas wouldn't mean anything without Easter. I think I say something every year about how it was only the most important event in all history. And guess what! Today at General Conference, Elder Uchtdorf gave a talk that said the same thing! Only way better, because he's such a good speaker.

We're back from our birthday vacation and back to the grindstone. It's almost nine o'clock and we just stopped working. We haven't really looked at our schedule after this current assignment. We have a bunch of things on our to-do list, but almost all of them are things that we're "pretty sure" we're going to need to do soon, nothing that's been officially asked for. And two of them are things that we're pretty sure we should have been asked for last week, or at least today or yesterday. [Note: I think this is when we had a whole volume of Fire Force we forgot to put on our calendar.]

It is way past our bedtime, but we finished our work! We did seriously consider stopping and finishing it tomorrow even though our deadline was today. We also considered dropping the whole thing and sending it off unedited, because it has a rewriter on it anyway so who cares. But we stuck with it, and now we've finished it! Tadah!

I wanted to talk about Page and her outdoor habits. They've gotten to be a little strange. It used to be that she would go stand at the front door and meow, so we would open the door and then open the gate to our patio so she could go outside and explore. Of course, with our patio being the cool hangout for all the neighborhood cats, this inevitably resulted in curious kitties coming into our apartment. It used to drive us nuts, but most of them have lost interest by now, so they don't give us too much trouble.

It's a new month! And like with most new months lately, it looked like it might be fairly light as far as workload is concerned, until about a week ago, when we looked again and said yeeeeah, we're gonna be busy. But on the bright side! the picture on our Chip and Dale calendar for August is super adorable (they're dressed like farmers and standing/sitting next to a couple of tomatoes), and! the Tsum Tsum desk calendar we got in a YumeTwins box finally has a picture with no Pixar or Frozen Tsum Tsums! It's all just Disney princesses and their sidekicks, and one prince (the Prince from Snow White). Thanks, August!

We promised a review yesterday! But we didn't post one! We're sorry! We did make it back into town last night, but we still had Gaston over, so it just didn't quite work. We did think about posting a review earlier today, but! we had an email from our editor assuring us that the pattern for Noragami deadlines is still very much in place, and so we looked at our schedule and started doing that weird hollow maniacal laugh you see in cartoons when somebody snaps. We didn't really; we only imagined doing it.

We did it! We finished our Month of Madness!!! This month, we had a trip to Fresno, three trips to Disneyland, approximately six books worth of manga and an episode of anime to translate, and we recorded a podcast. And we cleaned our patio, and we went to a ward fundraiser. Oh my goodness, September was a busy month.

This morning we discovered that the Edens Zero pirates have finally figured out that they can save themselves a lot of work by just illegally sharing the English language release. On the bright side, it means all the people reading Edens Zero will have much better translations. On the not so bright side, pirates. I wonder how all the people sponging for manga would feel if they were providing a service as a way to make a living and the people benefiting from that service refused to pay for it... [Note: The next week, the pirates went back to translating it themselves. Go figure.]

Oh my goodness, this has been a busy weekend. I think I mentioned that Cecille and a friend came down to Disneyland and we went to join them. It was a little tricky, because we had a translation due today, so we had to keep deciding if we wanted to keep working until it was finished, or if we wanted to go join people at Disneyland. And it probably would have been smart to stay home until we finished on Thursday, because it was pouring down rain on and off all night, and we could have stayed that much drier, and then had plenty of more time to hang out at Disneyland on Friday when the rain was gone, but...well, just call me Epimetheus.

Oh man, that made me tired just reading it. We posted the year-of-manga collage that lyschan made for us on Facebook, and there was a comment about how busy we were, and I was like, "I think we actually were slightly less busy this year!" But then I read this, and I realize how wrong I was... The culprit, of course, which you don't see on the collage or in those month posts, is DVD extras and Disneyland. Okay, you see a little of Disneyland in there. I do think, though, that we've had a little more breathing room for the last month or so, which may account for my skewed perspective on how busy we've been all year. But now that I look at it, I realize we had been working all day every day for several weeks in a row. It almost broke us, so one thing I thank my Heavenly Father for is that the year never got bad enough to actually break us.

Anyway. Aside from the crushing amounts of work, there were some pretty neat things that happened this year! I was going to say "first," but I didn't know if I wanted to go in chronological order, or order of importance or bigness, but I don't know what either of those last two orders would be, so I got really lost on the whole "first" concept. But anyway, the first one that came to mind (despite just working on Sailor Moon) is that we got asked to translate Edens Zero! This is super exciting, and I'll admit that it's partly for the petty reason that we're now responsible for a guaranteed best-seller. But it's even more exciting because it's a great series, and a lot of fun to translate! It's weekly, which means we have a bit of a speed-bump for all our other work every week, but it's usually something that adds a nice change of pace and a whole lot of fun to brighten our lives. ...Unless it's a week when Gaston wants to go to Disneyland, because he inevitably shows up on the same day a chapter hits. Then it's a race to see if we can finish it before Gaston gets into town. (Right now the score is 1-1.)

Another neat thing, as alluded to previously, is they finally started releasing the Eternal Edition of Sailor Moon! I think I've already expressed our opinions on this thing multiple times, but you guys, we're so excited! And people really like the new edition, and! some of them even like the translation specifically! Plus, we got to go on a podcast to discuss it, and that was a fun new experience. It has us even more excited to try doing a panel at Anime Expo, and maybe to start a podcast or vlog of our own...

But speaking of Anime Expo! YOU GUYS!!! Our beloved favorite voice actor Yuki Kaji was there! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! And we got to see him live and in person!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! It was exciting. AND BEST OF ALL!!! Cecille managed to score us the very last autograph ticket, so we got to get an autograph! The autograph itself is less important than the opportunity to meet him face-to-face, and we did! And he said three whole words to us! THREE! WHOLE! WORDS!

...Okay, so we were kind of hoping for more than that, but! another thing that happened this year is that Yuki Kaji released a book he wrote his very own self, where he admits to being extremely shy. Well, if he's shy and we're shy, it's inevitable that we won't have the long conversations we hear about from Cecille's other friends' autograph encounters. So we console ourselves by telling ourselves that surely a pair of towering chipmunk cosplaying twins would stick in his memory for a while.

We also started up the Disneyland Office initiative, which has been working fairly well for us so far. It only backfired and caused work delays once...or twice! Usually we manage to finish a whole first draft while we're there, and it's really nice to get outside and see the sun every once in a while.

We also did an escape room for the first time! That was really fun! And we renewed our love of Harry Potter, something I've practically already forgotten, because we finished book seven like three weeks ago.

And I think that covers it for 2018. It was super busy, but definitely had some exciting times. And with the Fire Force anime and Naoko Takeuchi's comments to her editor, and us catching the AX panel application form the day it went live, there's definitely the potential for some excitement in 2019. We're hoping to go to Japan again, but we still haven't managed to pay off our 2017 taxes, and we figure we probably shouldn't go gallivanting around the globe until we get our finances back in order. So what that means is that 2019 also has the potential for some disappointment...but we'll do what we can to prevent it, or at least make the most of it!

This year I'm thankful for getting more amazing titles to work on, getting to be involved in the production of a simuldub, getting to meet our beloved favorite voice actor, finding a way to make time for work and Disneyland, and all the people who helped us accomplish all the things we accomplished this year!
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