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I don't know if it's fortunate or dangerous timing that we got our new TV set up the day before we decided really all we wanted to do was sit around and watch TV shows...but we probably wouldn't have decided that if we hadn't just gotten a TV. It takes me back to our days when our sisters would come home from school or wherever, turn on the TV and just watch whatever was on all day. It drove us nuts, and now we're in danger of similar practices. I like to think we'll stop doing it so much when the novelty of the new TV wears off. And when we get to a point where work isn't wearing us out so much, so we won't be so tired that all we want to do is watch TV.

The other risk is that, with the BYUtv app, we know we have a large amount of Sabbath-appropriate content. Today we watched a show called Story Trek, where this guy goes around to random houses (and he does everything he can to make sure it really is random, and not, "Hey our producers heard about this person, so we're going to go interview them!") and the first person who agrees to tell him a story gets to be on TV. The whole point of the show is that everyone has a story to tell. It's kind of like Humans of New York, but on TV, and mostly in Utah. And it's really great, because there have been a couple people in just the first three episodes who had been in jail, but the host doesn't judge them at all. He just listens to their story. In both cases, the guy either realized while he was telling the story, or before he told the story, that he wanted to turn his life around, and I think it's important to have someone listen and not make you think it's impossible to do that.

But we do realize the importance of turning off the TV, which is why we're here right now instead of watching another episode of Story Trek. And why we also pulled out our Gospel Library apps to check out the new Come, Follow Me manual that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints distributed to help us with our scripture study next year. We'll be studying the New Testament, which hopefully will also help us with another endeavor that we'll talk about in more detail at some future date. At any rate, the idea is that it's better to study the scriptures than to just read them. It's a concept we'd heard about many times in the past, but even in school, the act of "studying" was something that mostly eluded us--just reading the material was how we studied. So hopefully this new curriculum will help us in that area. It's a little bit tricky, because when we're just getting started with something, we like to be told exactly how to do it, but the point is to use the manual more as a guideline, and to do things your own way. But since "your own way" is whatever works best for you, for now, "our own way" is going be to follow the manual pretty closely. Eh heh heh...

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch a pretty neat show curled up under our blankets, having some neat Christmas tree cakes from Bread Day, having fancier-than-we-realized notebooks to use for our new attempt at studying the scriptures (they're the Ravenclaw ones we got from our Wizarding World crate, and now that we're writing in them, we realize just how super fancy the paper in them is), having the will power to go to bed when it's bedtime, and knowing that there are some pretty cool scripture education shows on the BYUtv app, too.
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