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Done for the year! (sort of)

Officially, all our work is done for the year! We even finished writing reviews for all the books we translated! Unofficially, it would be nice if we could finish Sailor Moon 5 before the year is out, but since there's only one work day left, and we refuse to work on work work over the weekends these days, that seems highly unlikely. It's not entirely impossible, but we think there's a little too much left to do on it to actually finish it before January.

In other news, the Fire Force anime website posted a trailer last night and boy is it shiny! We probably would have directed the voice of Shinra to a different sort of delivery on the lines he had in the preview, but at least he wasn't screaming all the lines. With only Asta from Black Clover to go by, it was hard to say how he'd do as Shinra, but he seems to be okay now. There's still a quality to his voice that kind of grates on our nerves, but it sounds innate, so I don't think anybody can help that. At any rate, the fact that they already have a trailer gives us hope that we won't have to wait a year or two for this thing to come out, like with UQ Holder!. (I don't remember how long it was between the announcement and the premiere of the UQ Holder! anime, but it felt like forever. Athena says she thinks it was at least a year.)

It's getting colder lately, you know, it being winter and all, and neither of our heaters is working. (We have central heating, which probably only needs to have the pilot light lit, and a room heater for the living room, which just doesn't seem to want to work.) I'm sure this would be easily resolved by calling the office...and come to think of it, we might be able to submit a report online...but I think maintenance is done for the day, so that's not going to help us right now. That being the case, I'm cold and want to retreat to the warmth of my blankets.

Today I'm thankful for finishing all our work for the year, finishing all our reviews for the year, still having time to play Kingdom Hearts, Page discovering that she's fond of the corner where Athena keeps her Dale blanket (unfortunate when Athena wants to use the blanket, but mostly because then Athena will go to grab the blanket, only to discover a Page hiding underneath it, which is super adorable, but doomed to end because now Page has been disturbed), and getting to sleep in tomorrow.
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