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Beasts of Abigaile volume 4

Well, we just finished playing Dream Drop Distance again, and we're just reminded of what a good series Kingdom Hearts is. Hopefully our dislike of so many of the worlds announced for Kingdom Hearts III won't detract too much from our love of the series. I mean, we're not big fans of Tron or The Nightmare Before Christmas, either.

But now it's time for another review! I think I said we're on Beasts of Abigaile 4...? *checks* Yes, that's what I said. So here goes! Spoilers ahead!

The final volume of Beasts of Abigaile. This is the one we tried to translate on the train! That did not go over so well, but mostly because we were sitting on the wrong side of the train. The curtains didn't move very well, and the sun was level with our window because it was almost sunset. Also, because we ended up at a table with people across from us, that might be why we felt the need to react to everything a little bit more than usual. On the other hand, this volume being what it was, we probably would have been reacting pretty strongly anyway. The kind of sad thing about it is that the reactions were probably not the ones intended by the author. Don't get me wrong, I thought this series was great, but the first chapter in this volume was a liiiiiittle melodramatic. Also, it seemed to kind of rush to the end, so...I'm getting ahead of myself.

So Nina has been drugged and imprisoned(?) by the student council. While Roy rushes to her rescue, she wakes up to find herself in the same prison(?) as Gilles, and she runs to him and says, "Something is wrong with the student body president!" and we were like, "Ya think!?" I mean, when you put yourself in their situation, you realize that maybe Nina doesn't know that Gilles has been by Angelica's side almost constantly for several years, and I guess when he showed up at Nina's home all black and blue he didn't tell her that the student council was involved at all, so it's not that silly in context, but we were on a train. But anyway, Gilles was talking about something or other (did I mention we translated this about two weeks ago? memories are fuzzy) and he says to Nina, "There's something I haven't told you." And we were like, "GASP!" It wasn't a sincere gasp. We've known all along. I think we said it in our reviews more than once. But there was a little sincerity in the, "He's finally going to tell us!" vein. He continues, "I..." and we're like, "Go on..." and then he goes, "I mean, we..." and we're like, "Oh, it's getting serious now!" And then he smelled blood and all revelations were put on hold. Fine. It's not like we didn't see that coming.

But before all that business, he told us all about Angelica's checkered past. Checkered isn't the right word, but I wanted some kind of an adjective. Troubled? Dark? Tragic? Yeah, probably tragic. As we knew, because he said it a few times before, Angelica was basically Nina before Nina showed up. She was the only one who was brave enough to fight for a better life for the loup-ga. And that's where we started to get really skeptical of the loup-ga in general. I mean, we've never experienced everyone we know and love being killed and/or imprisoned, so maybe I'm speaking from a place of privilege that needs to be checked, but do you seriously mean to tell me that of all of the hundreds of loup-ga at that school, only one of them ever tried to improve the situation? I mean, come on. Anyway, she was too good at achieving her goal so the stupid old headmaster got her addicted to the ibris roses and oh my gosh, you guys! We were looking up something completely and utterly unrelated for an entirely unrelated series about a week after we turned in the translation for this, and we found something about an iblis that seemed like it might be relevant, and we were like, "aaarrrrrrrgh..." It wouldn't have done any good to find it before we turned in this translation anyway, because the name already showed up in volume three. I don't remember what it was, but I think it had to do with spirits? Athena reminds me it was the Erlkonig. He's the demon king, so it would have been totes appropes. Alas.

Anyway, now Angelica is forced to be dependent on the drug and the lies the headmaster has been feeding her, and so for the good of her people, she's taking away all their hope. Sounds logical. Actually, I think there might be more to the story than Aoki-sensei was able to tell us, so maybe the details would have helped everything to add up. We may never know.

Right, so Gilles smelled blood, and...and oh yeah, Nina actually almost confessed her love to him. That surprised me a little bit, because I thought she would probably fall for Roy before it really became an issue. On the other hand, maybe it was always meant to be the heartbreak that helped her accept her feelings for Roy. I appreciated that right after she ran away from Gilles after realizing it was never meant to be, when she was thinking, "Well, hey, that Roy's not so bad after all," she also realized that it could have been a rebound. So at least that was addressed. Anyway, she realizes that Gilles's heart belongs to Angelica and she's all sad, so she runs off to rescue Roy from Angelica's minions, promising to save Roy and Gilles and Angelica. And she rescues Roy and they run away together.

But not for long, because now Angelica has a plot to get the whole school to hate them. Dun dun DUN! And it's all about the manipulation of information. Worst of all, she reveals to the whole school that Nina is *GASP!* a human! OH NO! And then she discredits Roy by telling everybody that he knew all along but kept it from them. It was nice to see that Dario and Eva and others still believed in them, unlike the toys in Toy Story who will turn on anyone the very second a scandal arises (we read an article about Pixar today), but it wasn't enough and now all the loup-ga want to eat Nina. Some of them want to eat Roy, too, so, you know. That's when Roy panics because he's so madly in love with Nina now, and to defend her he goes full wolf-mode and! reveals his royal birthmark! WHAT! He's been in the royal family all along!? And this is where it starts to get silly again, because really? Nobody knew? They try to explain it by saying, "Well the king never revealed the prince until he's been officially acknowledged," and they also alluded to some backstory about Roy and maybe also Gilles being all insecure because the king loved the other one more, so there was probably some story about why neither of them was revealed to the public but it still doesn't make sense, because it kind of seemed like the king was almost good friends with everyone in his kingdom, so, like, wouldn't they all know who he married? And wouldn't they notice when she had a kid? Well, maybe those are more details that didn't get explained because Aoki-sensei wasn't given enough pages. We may never know.

The humans finally manage to get enough of a handle on things to take Roy and Nina to the dungeon, and that's when! *GASP!* Nina's uncle shows up! I admit, that was a little bit of a surprise. But also like, "Augh, I should have known!" and also, "It's about time!" And finally someone explains what the deal is with Nina, and it was the most logical but also the most boring. She's half loup-ga. Well of course she is. And it's strongly hinted that her real father is Berger, but that's definitely something we didn't get all the details on almost certainly because the series had to end too soon. All we get is a picture of a loup-ga woman in a locket...a woman who actually didn't look that much like Nina's mother. So maybe they're not related after all. We'll never know.

And the whole thing started because Nina's uncle and his evil research partner stumbled on the loup-ga in a way that prevented the loup-ga from killing them immediately, so they lived with them for a while and found out all their secrets, so when Nina's uncle says, "Hey, we should totes burn all this evidence so no one comes and destroys their lifestyle or nothing," his partner says, "Yeah, good idea!" and runs away and sells all the information to the government, becoming the leader in the movement to enslave all the loup-ga and sell the ibris roses as drugs. And that's the story of the fall of the loup-ga.

So then Nina and Roy stage a revolution, and the humans are all, "Well, it was nice while it lasted," and detonate all the bombs that have been set up in the castle all along. And everybody runs away except for Gilles and Angelica, because apparently one of the things the headmaster brainwashed her into thinking was that if she personally ever left Abigaile, it would mean abject misery for all the other loup-ga. That's another thing that I wish they had more time to go into, because it didn't quite make sense. But anyway, all the loup-ga go into hiding, but Nina's been injured so they take her to a hospital and send her back to the human world, where all she can do is wait for her loup-ga boyfriend to come find her. And then he does, and I assume they live happily ever after.

And there you have it. It was a cute story, but I really do wish the ending hadn't had to be so rushed. So many things that just seemed glossed over. But it was a fun romp, and overall, I enjoyed it. And we hope you all enjoyed it, too!

Aww, our Beasts of Abigaile reviews are fun. We had so much fun reading this one that we went back to read our review of volume three, too, and that one is HI-larious. Anyway, I think the review says it all, but in case you didn't read under the cut, the series is a fun romp, and we hope everyone enjoyed it!

So I thiiiink we still want to do two reviews next week, but we might slow down again after that. Either way, tune in on Tuesday for our review of Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight 8!

Today I'm thankful for finishing our work quota, still having time to beat Dream Drop Distance, reminders of how amazing Kingdom Hearts is, our super fun reviews of Beasts of Abigaile, and Athena's Christmas present being on its way.
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