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'Twas the day after Christmas...

...and we're already back to work. This wouldn't be so bad if I didn't manage to give myself a cold over the weekend. But! I'm on the mend, and best of all, work went really well today!

Anyway, there was some stuff I wanted to talk about yesterday but I forgot! And now I'm remembering! The Fire Force anime announced a voice actor for Shinra! And he was someone we'd never heard before! ...Well, not entirely true. We had heard him as extras here and there. And anyway, we figured it was a good thing, because none of the voice actors we could think of off the tops of our heads had quite the right voice for Shinra. This new kid is the voice of the main character in Black Clover, which is an anime we'd sort of been interested in checking out since we kept seeing an ad for the video game and it sounded like Yuki Kaji was in it (spoiler alert: apparently he's not, actually; we may be oversensitive to certain matching vocal qualities), but hesitated because it's a Jump series and we just have had a hard time caring about Jump serieseses.

Anyway, for some reason, we've gotten into the habit of checking the forum posts on Anime News Network articles, though, and their article on this piece of news is one that had us doing just that. It would appear that people who are familiar with Black Clover had mixed opinions on this casting choice for Shinra. Some of them were like, "Nice! Asta and Shinra are a perfect match!" and others were like, "Ugh, not Asta. Maybe if he could stop screaming for a second..." And we were like, "???"

So it was time to check it out for ourselves. We had no other plans, really, so we headed over to Crunchyroll to watch an episode of Black Clover. And wow, does that kid scream a lot. In the first episode, it almost seems like he screams every single one of his lines. And we know that people are prone to exaggerate, especially about things that annoy them like that, but I don't think that they were. On the other hand, I don't know if we would have noticed it as much if we, too, didn't think his voice was a little annoying. Sorry, Kajiwara-kun! In his defense, we're pretty sure the director is at least partly to blame.

As for the series itself, it's kind of frustrating, because there are some very interesting story elements going on there, but something about it just makes it very boring for us to watch regardless. I guess it's just not really our thing. Also, this is like the third series we know of where the main character is the one dude who can't use special powers in a world where everyone can use special powers.

And so. We started the day being pretty excited about the Fire Force anime, but now we're more cautiously optimistic. At any rate, the Fire Force anime Twitter feed gives real tips about fire prevention, so that's neat.

Today I'm thankful for getting our work done quickly, already having a voice actor announcement for the Fire Force anime, getting to check out a new anime even if we didn't really like it, getting to play Kingdom Hearts, and getting indexing to work on my iPad.
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