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Clutter and cards

Today was pretty much a typical Saturday, as usual. We've been making an effort to get organized, by which we mean we spend maybe like an hour cleaning on Saturdays? This week's efforts were focused on clearing all the clutter off of the dresser in the bedroom. We have a very strong feeling that we'll be getting a TV or something for Christmas, and we thought it would be nice to play video games from bed.

(As for where the strong feeling comes from: it came up one time in a conversation with our mother that Athena and I have a theft-proof TV, by which we mean it's an old cathode ray tube. Not only is it much more cumbersome than the latest TVs these days, but nobody wants anything that low-tech, so there's no value in stealing it. So Mom got this idea that maybe she could help bring us into the 21st century and get us a fancier TV. But we sounded like we might be proud of our theft-proof TV (and we are a little; it's like 20 years old and still works just fine), so she wanted to run the idea by us before going ahead with it. We were supposed to "forget" the conversation ever happened, so for now, we just have a very strong feeling about it. (The strong feeling is enhanced by the fact that there is a large new TV box sitting unwrapped under our Christmas tree.))

The other exciting thing that happened today was that we got a Christmas card from [Bad username: lyschan"]! It's not the only card we've gotten, but it is the only one that seems to be hand-painted by the sender. (I mean, it's a print, but you can tell she painted the original picture; it's signed and everything.) And it's beautiful and adorable and we love it! Thank you so much, lys!

Today I'm thankful for beautiful Christmas cards, having a slightly less cluttered apartment, having time to play Kingdom Hearts today, finally finding that last treasure chest in Fantasia, and Page being super cute as usual.
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