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Butch Hartman to the rescue!

Somehow, every time we're really depressed or upset about something, Nickelodeon is showing some Butch Hartman thing that we love. Today it was The Fairly OddParents School's Out: The Musical. We needed to get away from the computer for a while, so we went to the living room and watched the second half of Jimmy Neutron (generally out of character for us, but that was, we felt, the best thing on at the time), and it said that FOP was on next, so we figured we might as well see what episode it was, maybe stick around for the first cartoon before getting back to work. Then it was School's Out, and all plans of getting back to work were immediately foiled. But it was good, because Cosmo and Wanda's duet gave me an excuse to cry. A weird excuse, but an excuse nonetheless. My chest still hurts though.

But today I'm thankful that we were blessed with being able to watch School's Out: The Musical, and for Atsushi Hayami, being able to cry, Cosmo and Wanda's duet, and musical instruments that require being hit.
Tags: fairly oddparents, tender mercies

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