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This morning we had a Grinch themed breakfast for our ward Christmas party. They told everybody to come in their pajamas, but our pajamas are for home wear, not out in the wide world with germs wear, so instead we stuck to the Dr. Seuss theme by wearing our Thing 1 and Thing 2 shirts. And so that's what we were wearing after the party when we went grocery shopping.

We go to the same grocery store every week and we're adorable twins, so everybody recognizes us and we're on friendly terms with all the people who work there, which is why, when one of the stock boys asked us where Thing 3 was, I wasn't too shy about yelling, "Read the original Cat in the Hat! There are only two Things!" I ranted for another sentence or two before I realized we were walking right by the express line, which had several people in it, a few of whom were now staring at me. They miiiight have been glaring; it's tough to know for sure, because some people just have a general look of unhappiness, myself included sometimes.

So I laughed about it, pointed out the onlookers to Athena, and then proclaimed, "I'm not shouting! I'm just passionate!" which is something we got from a parody of 300 we saw years ago, despite never having seen 300. I barely remember the video, even, but that part stuck with me.

Anyway, soon after it happened, I thought, "This will be a fun story to tell!" and I might have even had a "moral of the story" sort of thing, but it's been a long day and I've forgotten it, if I ever had one. I do have an awareness of the importance of not disturbing other people, but I don't think it was a "you could hear her across the store" sort of situation. We just happened to be very close to those people. And I also think it's important to not be afraid of being silly sometimes. I'm sure a case could also be made for not being afraid to loudly stand up for what you believe in, but the number of Things in Dr. Seuss is really not the hill anyone should want to die on.

Also, the stock boy ended up bagging our groceries and wouldn't quit asking where Thing 3 and Thing 4 were, so the other moral of the story is choose your battles wisely. Or something.

Today I'm thankful for finishing all the stuff we had to do today (oh my goodness, there was a lot of it), the valuable lesson to never put green food coloring in scrambled eggs, the eggs tasting pretty good despite their moldy appearance, having friends at the grocery store, and not having plans for Saturday morning next week.
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