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Today on a whim we did a Facebook...thing. On LJ they were called memes, but I think that means something else now. But it was one of those survey things where it just asks you a bunch of questions, and we did it on a whim, as mentioned previously. One of the questions was what your favorite TV show was, and without really thinking too hard about it, we put Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. Athena says she's been thinking about it because there's a Christmas Special and that reminds her that it was about a year ago that we were watching it.

Of course then our little sister had to come along and say she hates Miraculous, and we were like well, duh, you probably weren't watching it in French, the language it's meant to be watched it. I mean, we assume, since it was developed by a Frenchman. This assumption is on shaky ground according to Netflix, however, as the streaming service claims that the original language is English. We haven't been able to find much evidence one way or another, except for the fact that apparently Season 2 was airing in France about a year ago, months before it hit Netflix. We were like, "Okay, so we just have to wait for the season to finish airing in France, and then we can finally watch Season 2!" We were very excited.

Then Netflix finally gave us the joyous news, and it was right in time for our birthday and everything! We were so excited! We even managed to fit a day into our schedule where we could...maybe not binge binge watch, but at least watch about four episodes. So we start it up...and it's in English. And we were like, "That's weird; our preferred language is French." So we went to the settings...and there were no other audio tracks available! WHAT! We considered watching it in English anyway, but we figured it was just some weird thing that was going on and the French episodes would be available later.

We checked every so often, and still no French audio. We went to Netflix and requested it, just to be sure. Weeks went by. Months. Still no luck.

Finally, today. The very day we had posted on Facebook that Miraculous is our favorite show, miracle of miracles, Netflix sends us an email informing us that part two of season two is now available! Yes! They've finally updated Miraculous! Surely they've added French audio, at least for season two part one!

...Only they haven't. The timing of it all had me deeply curious, so once again we did a Google search to see if we could figure out either how we could get a hold of these episodes in French legally (the only thing we can think of is Amazon France...*checks* Aha! maybe we're onto something...) or why we can't just watch it that way on Netflix. Nothing. So we went to Netflix and asked a representative, and all we got was when that kind of thing happens maybe there's some reason involving the license, so just request it and hope for the best. So what I want is for everyone to go to Netflix and request Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir Season 2 French Audio!

And that was our little diversion for the day. We didn't finish our work quota, and next week has a lot of uncertainty, so it looks like we'll be working tomorrow! Whee!

Today I'm thankful for the discovery that they are now releasing DVDs of the whole series of Miraculous, not having too too much work to do tomorrow, fun little Facebook survey/meme/whatevers, finally coming up with something to do about that snakesword attack, and either getting to sleep in or eat pancakes tomorrow.
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