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Alethea & Athena
10th-Dec-2018 08:58 pm
We are way too sleepy today, and so we're going to bed early. I don't know what's wrong with us that we can't get enough sleep, but here we are. We're also having a bit of a problem with our anti-procrastination will power. I mean, we're still setting out to do our job, and we're getting the important stuff done, but since our deadlines are pretty far away now (we have a whole week before the next book is due! and four days for the next one!), and I guess also because we're tired, it's easy to give in and just watch a half-hour video about how this vlogger hated Emma and the Beast. And ultimately, I think the subject matter is why, because we just want to talk about the things we're geeky about with people who seem to get those things the same way we do. I think it's because we just finished reading the Harry Potter series, so in a sense, we had regular appointments to hang out with friends, and now those are done, so we're lonely. This is the trouble with living in a fictional world, I guess.

Anyway. Maybe if we get some rest, we'll have an easier time motivating ourselves.

Today I'm thankful for that long video being pretty interesting and pretty much sharing our opinion of Emma and the Beast, getting a little work done despite our procrastination, getting to talk about Fantastic Beasts with Mom and Steve (I think about writing up a review, but right now I'm too tired), finally getting that paperwork taken care of that we needed to get taken care of, and the chocolate frosting from Vons being just as good as always.
12th-Dec-2018 04:07 am (UTC) - Sleep
Yeah I keep saying I’ll turn in early so I can wake up and feel great...never do lol

I probably will have to at some point though.
12th-Dec-2018 05:18 am (UTC) - Re: Sleep
It really does help! Or it did help. A little. We only got to bed about twenty minutes early, though, but I still recommend it.
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