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The internet strikes again

Today all our time was eaten away by ignoring our responsibilities. Well, only some of our time. Athena keeps checking Twitter to see if people are talking about the Sailor Moon Eternal Edition, and this time she found a podcast that talked about volumes one and two. They spent about half an hour talking about it, and it was kind of fascinating, because it was two guys who have been into manga for a while, and so of course had heard about Sailor Moon, but were not really familiar with it at all. So the first several minutes were spent describing the plot in case people had never heard it before, which, after being a fan for twenty years, is hard to believe is a thing--people never having heard the plot to Sailor Moon before, I mean. And yet intellectually, I know it is indeed a thing.

Later, we watched a video on the corruption in Wikipedia. Frankly, I'm not surprised to hear about people manipulating Wikipedia articles for political and/or marketing reasons, but I think we're probably still going to use it to check on things. At least I'm pretty sure there's no agenda in the Japanese traditions and folklore articles...but you never know. Fortunately(?), we had already realized that if we're looking up something that's new to us, we need to corroborate the information at other sources. Unfortunately, this realization about Wikipedia also highlights the fact that you can't really trust any information on the internet. The host of the video was like, "This wouldn't be happening if we all still used print media," and we were like, "Yeah, because propaganda totally never existed before the internet." (You know we said that sarcastically, right?)

Which reminds me, we've noticed more than one person on Facebook mentioning that they like to read articles instead of watching videos, and the first time we saw someone say that, I think it was specifically so as to avoid being affected in propaganda-like ways. And we thought how silly that was, because printed (or typed) words can be manipulated just as easily as spoken words. All you have to do is think of that one Wizard of Oz synopsis to realize that.

(For those of you unfamiliar with it, it goes like this: Transported to a surreal landscape, a young girl kills the first person she meets and then teams up with three strangers to kill again.)

Today I'm thankful for getting our responsibilities done anyway (mostly), having a lovely time at the stake Christmas activity, the grocery store having king-sized Reese's Stuffed with Pieces, having clean laundry, and finding our little tiny plushie that we got in Ikebukuro so we could put it on the Christmas tree after all.
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