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Today we went on Adventures. I don't know if it was just a bad day for Adventures or what, but they somehow turned out to be way more intimidating than we'd originally imagined. All we did was go on the bus, watch a movie, and check out some stuff downtown! ...At least, I think it was "downtown." It's where they seem to have a lot of city events, anyway.

Part of it may have come from the fact that we only had a vague idea of where everything was. We knew it was all along the bus route, and when we saw it, we could just request a stop and hop off the bus. But our old fear of public transportation reared its ugly head, and suddenly we were quite nervous that we would somehow miss the places we wanted to get off, even though we'd seen them quite prominently multiple times in the past. Fortunately, everyone we ended up talking to was very nice, so there was nothing to scare us off from future adventures, except for the fact that the "adventuring" part of it just wasn't that much fun.

Anyway! We packed up our Ravenclaw bookbags, put on the niffler t-shirts we got as part of one of those "donate to charity and if you're lucky you'll win a trip to one of the premieres" things, and pinned our Lumos pins that we got from the same charity to our bags, and set off to see Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. Our tickets were for an AMC dine-in theater, so we got to see what that was like, too! ...But we didn't order anything, because we didn't want to risk interrupting the movie.

Let me explain how it works, because it was a total mystery to me until today! You get reserved seats, and when you get to the theater, you find your seat, which has a swivel desk thingie on it to use as a tray. To the side of your seat is an end table complete with napkin-wrapped utensils, menu, and ketchup bottle. And there's a little red button that I assume is what you press when you're ready to order. It kind of reminds me of when we went to Denny's in Japan, now that I write about it, so I'm starting to think that may be where dine-in movie theaters originated. I'm speculating on the rest, but I'm guessing it's when you push that button that a server comes along and takes your order, then brings it to you when it's ready. The menu had a pretty tasty-looking milkshake on it, but we didn't know how long it would take to prepare, and we hate eating and watching movies at the same time. We're just not good at multitasking. Plus, they were not cheap (in the theater's defense, the milkshake had a brownie on top).

The movie was good! It's the second in a series of five, so the ending wasn't exactly happy (it wasn't sad, either, just like, the badguys didn't exactly lose (sorry for the spoiler)), and we didn't leave the theater feeling victorious or anything, but the journey was fun, and we didn't leave the theater feeling sad or enraged or despairing for the world like we have with other movies in the recent past, so that was already a win. And then the more I thought about it later, the more I remembered all the good parts, and I decided the bad parts could be working toward awesomeness later on, so not only did I not hate it, but I think I might genuinely like it. If nothing else, Newt Scamander is adorable. I do wonder about the naming pattern in that family, though. Newt and Theseus. Uh-huh. (We seem to remember that Newt is short for something, though...)

After the movie, we headed downtown to see if we could find the nerd cafe we'd been hearing rumors of. It's in the same place we'd been before with our friend from church who drives us places, when they had a community arts and crafts fair kind of thing, so we thought it would be nice to just go there. But that, too, was way more intimidating than we'd imagined. I don't know what it was. There were fewer people around, which made it seem kind of deserted and like maybe we shouldn't be there, but on the other hand, when there were people, it was like, "Oh no, they'll see us!" I guess these are the things you have to deal with when you never go outside.

We went to where I thought the cafe should be...but it wasn't there! Did I imagine it? Did I look at the map wrong? Athena suggested it might be a block up or down, and fortunately the blocks are very small, so it wasn't too much effort to check. There was one building in particular that had the sort of architecture that seemed ideal for a nerd wanting to start a fantasy cafe. So we checked out that building, and sure enough, there was the sign that we'd seen in all the (one or two) articles. The doors were open, so we walked over to look inside...and there was all kinds of construction going on! It's not finished yet! Well, I guess we'll have to try again later.

On our way back to the bus stop, we stopped by the House of Chimney Cakes. We learned that a chimney cake is a Hungarian food item, and I don't know if this is traditional or not, but the restaurant(?) uses them as soft serve ice cream cones. So we each got a chimney cake filled with chocolate ice cream...and when we got to the cake part, we learned that the recipe apparently calls for lemon zest. Well, if we'd known that, we would have gotten any other flavor of ice cream (vanilla, strawberry, or pineapple), because chocolate and fruit don't really blend well in our palates. But other than that, it was really good! And the people at the restaurant(?) were really nice, too. So I would recommend it.

When we finished, we were more than ready to stop adventuring and go home. ...Oh I forgot to mention the library. Those of you following past posts will remember that the library was meant to be part of our adventures. Well, when we got there, we remembered that apparently this library had been converted into a little museum. Normally, I would probably want to check it out to make sure, because either way, we get a library to donate books to (and check books out from?), or a neat museum experience. But I was feeling way too intimidated to bother. So we went home. And we had pizza and played Kingdom Hearts and thought about how the movie was pretty good after all, so now we're feeling much better.

Today I'm thankful for having mildly successful adventures, getting to see a movie that we liked well enough, getting to try chimney cakes, our adventures being over for a while, and getting to sleep in tomorrow.
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