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Today was a wondrous day of finishing work early. We used the extra time to play Kingdom Hearts (as expected) and write a review. I'm not sure I have much else to say about today, except that we're glad to have fewer ants. You may have heard that cinnamon acts as an ant deterrent, and you heard right! We also may have a line of cinnamon in our hallway that we may or may not be constantly stepping on. It smells nice, though, which is kind of surprising considering how strangling it was to walk up to our grocery store and be assaulted by the aroma from cinnamon-infused pine cones.

We think our Adventures may finally be a go, but not tomorrow, because rain is in the forecast, and we did the getting drenched thing last week. But we might use the rain as an excuse to use our snazzy new umbrellas to go out for ice cream. Or we may decide that going out to get the mail is good enough. We'll find out!

Today I'm thankful for finishing work early, another super fun chapter of Edens Zero, the magical powers of cinnamon, having plans to finally get back to Sailor Moon, and the hope of not staying up too late tonight.
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