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Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun volume 8

Oh man, what a day. We always knew sleeping in would mess with our schedule, but we did it anyway and faced the consequences. We also had some extra paperwork to deal with, and a new ant infestation. It's been interesting. But now! it is Reviewsday! So we have a review of Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun to share! Spoilers ahead!

We just posted a review yesterday for volume...something before this one! Five, maybe? Or maybe six? I think it was five... It doesn't matter, because we're writing this one! And this one is volume...eight? I'm pretty sure it's eight. Athena is nodding in the affirmative. Oh, and it was such a fun volume! I mean, I'm pretty sure it was, but the only thing I remember right now is Mokke of the Dead. That was a super fun chapter, but it was only one chapter, so...

Right! Athena just reminded me that it started with the delivery chapter. Oh my goodness, this chapter was so cute on so many levels. Hanako is a jerk, though. I mean, I want him to be happy and all, but I kiiiiinda think he needs to grow up. It was a little cute how he was jealous that Nene was worried about Kou. I mean, of course she worries about Kou--Hanako is never open enough with his emotions to let anyone know he's ever unhappy about anything. But the point is, he goes to her class to talk to her in the middle of class, and that was kind of awesome. The best was when Aoi was like, "Nene-chan's talking to herself again..." Aww, Nene has such good friends.

The other super adorable thing was when Akane offered his help with the situation. I mean, it's funny when it's just a comic book, but when I think about all the times I tried to go to somebody for advice but they only barely paid attention because it wasn't "relatable" to them, I kind of want to slap Akane, too. But when I'm just reading it, it's cute, and either way, I do appreciate that he tried, considering how obsessed he is with Aoi. And he did actually help in the end, so he redeemed himself. And then he basically became a punching bag in Mokke of the Dead...and he tends to be a punching bag for Teru most of the time anyway, so he gets more than what's coming to him as it is.

And the other super adorable thing was the mokke delivery service. Like oh my goodness, this was the cutest thing. Oh, but they were so demanding. We love how they threw the deliveries in his face. I don't think they're quite suited to the parcel service, but on the other hand, it's kind of the opposite of what they're used to (which is taking stuff), so there's bound to be a learning curve.

So next they all go to a festival. And Hanako was super sulky about the idea of Nene and Kou going to a festival without him, and he couldn't go to any of the regular festivals because he's bound to the school, but! he could take them to the supernatural festival, so that's what he did. Tadah! Hanako was a jerk again when Nene showed up in a yukata. Seriously, if you don't want her to know you like her, then you're going to have to stop sulking when she doesn't like you back. Ugh.

The big question I have is...see, supernaturals apparently use a barter system, so Nene was able to trade her own mermaid scales for whatever she wanted at the festival, and she said they came off in the bath, and that makes me wonder, how in the world does she bathe? Athena suggests perhaps sponge baths. Because as a fish, she doesn't have arms, so she wouldn't exactly be able to scrub. Oh well, I guess it's not important.

The important thing is that Nene gets hit by a cow and taken to the past! Or does she? It might also have been a dream! But maybe it wasn't! I don't know if they'll ever explain it. But she met Hanako as a younger boy, and that was pretty cute, too. He was all, "I just feel so sorry for you... And you have really swollen ankles..." Oh, poor Nene. I think she's cute. But the funny thing about the ankles is that we know it wasn't Hanako's usual teasing, so we know that at least at one point in his life he wasn't a total jerk. And then at the end we see that younger Hanako wished to meet Nene again! And that wish came true! Sort of even while he was still alive, which we only remember because we just reread that review yesterday. And then it came true again years after his death.

The next chapter was the cutest zombie apocalypse I've ever seen. I'm super not a fan of the zombie genre, mainly because I'm squeamish and I don't enjoy looking at hordes of rotting flesh, nor do I like the idea of people being reanimated but not as themselves. But this one was non-fatal and adorable, so it was okay. I mean, sort of adorable. Everybody still looked like filthy zombies, but there wasn't a lot of gore, and they were asking for candy instead of brains, so that was better. And we also found out once again that Nene apparently has some sort of purification powers, unbeknownst to her. The whole time-fast-forwarding thing sort of proved that she's doomed to die soon, but I can't help but think that's not the only reason she can see Hanako. And because of that, I'm still not fully convinced that she's going to die. Maybe she's just going to go back in time to the sixties or something. Very curious. But the important thing is that Teru was adorable in the panel where he said Nene is a special girl.

Finally, we check in on Mitsuba. And oh my goodness, this chapter was adorable, too! Poor Mitsuba. He just wanted a place to belong. After all the stuff Hanako pulled in this volume, I can see more of a resemblance with him and Tsukasa, especially the way Tsukasa got Mitsuba to leave. So Tsukasa gave Mitsuba the idea that he was in the way and that Tsukasa and his cronies wanted him gone, so Mitsuba left and tried to find somewhere else to belong. I'm kind of sad that Tsuchigomori didn't let him stick around, but it's to be expected from Spiderface. Right when Mitsuba is forced to realize that he doesn't fit in with mortals or supernaturals, Teru shows up to make him feel even worse, but then! Natsuhiko comes and saves the day in the funniest way possible. ...Well, maybe something funnier would be possible, but it's important not to try too hard, because you inevitably end up missing the mark that way. But anyway, Natsuhiko takes Mitsuba back to headquarters, and that's where Mitsuba learns that the reason they wanted him out of the way is that they were planning a surprise welcome party for him. Awwwwww! And Sakura was adorable about it, too. Everybody is just so adorable. Even Hanako, except that he's kind of a jerk.

The hardest thing about this volume was the wishing slips. Specifically the one that said "tofu." We didn't have a physical copy of the book at first, and our deadline was approaching, and we didn't really have room in our schedule to shuffle things around, so we got the volume on Bookwalker, but it wasn't quite high enough quality to make out all of the little tiny things. So there was the one wishing slip that looked like it said "beans 7." So we Googled it to see if that meant anything, and we found nothing. After thinking and thinking, we decide to try other Japanese written characters that might look like a number seven. First we tried katakana wa, and that was no good, and then I remembered katakana fu, and I was like, "OF COURSE!" And that's how we finally figured it out. Oh man, that was tough. But fortunately, the series was its usual non-tricky-dialogue self, because we did not have time to be held up.

And there you have it. The plot...hasn't really thickened that much. But this volume was super great! And it looks like things will get very interesting in the next one, too...

That reminds me, we need to write a review of volume nine... Anyway, this series continues to be a lot of fun, so we hope people are enjoying it!

And we have new releases today! Or a new release, anyway. It's Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight 8! And you all know we have a new-found love for that series (which we already liked pretty well anyway) after they cast our favorite voice actor as Kaede in the CD drama. But that's not until volume nine...except that it doesn't really make a difference to anything.

Anyway! Tune in on Thursday for our review of Forbidden Scrollery volume five!

Today I'm thankful for having our own personal accountant when we need to do extra paperwork, having time to play Kingdom Hearts despite today's weirdness, finding out that the one episode of Gakuen Basara was not Koji Tsujitani's last episode, Page's love of the plastic rings (the toy jewelry kind) we got on some cupcakes a while back, and finally having a physical copy of the next book we're supposed to translate.
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