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Alethea & Athena
Doin' stuff 
3rd-Dec-2018 07:44 pm
Well, it's back to life as usual. ...Or so we thought! ...No, maybe it really is. I don't know. I'm too sleepy to tell. I am very grateful that we managed to survive the last several days without completely wearing ourselves out, but now that we've finished our rush simulpub, the sleepies are hitting pretty hard. ...They were hitting pretty hard yesterday, too, come to think of it. We just need to get more sleep, that's all.

And that brings us to our rather dangerous position of having what appears to be a fairly light schedule. Every time this happens, we're like, "Well, I guess we can take some time off!" and then the everything hits. We are planning to sleep in tomorrow anyway, though, for productivity's sake.

We're also a little unsure of exactly how we want to do things, because we do like the holiday parade and fireworks at Disneyland, and despite going so many times this holiday season, we have yet to experience either of those things in the ideal setting. (We did have the perfect spot for the fireworks on Friday, but it was windy, so they cut some of the higher fireworks out of it.) So, since we were there and feeling like we could do anything, we thought, "Oh, that's okay, we'll just come back next week!" And now we're back home and tired, so we're like, "I dunno..." We're so spoiled.

We also have to figure out when we want to go on our Adventures! This is made especially tricky because of the upcoming rain in the forecast. Normally, it would be the obvious choice to stay out of the rain, but we did get snazzy new Harry Potter umbrellas, and it would be nice to get to use them, especially to go see a Harry Potter (related) movie. Maybe we'll go on Wednesday, when the forecast is for light rain. Decision making is hard! But I'm grateful to live in a world where I have options.

Today I'm thankful for getting our work done, finally getting to call our little sister for her birthday, having a lovely time on the phone, having a little time to play Kingdom Hearts, and living in a world with options.
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