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Alethea & Athena
Christmas choir practice 
2nd-Dec-2018 09:07 pm
It's been a bit of a busy Sunday, but only a bit, because it was really just the usual plus choir practice and a Christmas devotional. We also didn't finish Harry Potter like planned, because the section we were on was all action, which takes us much longer to read than dialogue does. Fortunately, there did seem to be a bit of a break in the buildup to a climax, so we don't think we're losing out on any of the excitement by waiting until next week to finish.

As for choir practice, it went pretty okay, I think? We got a couple of good tenors among the elders serving in our ward, so the tenor part sounds great. We were missing our strong basses at practice today, and we're still trying to convince the women that it's okay to sing loud, but there's still time before the performance, so we're not too worried.

The devotional was nice. You can watch it here if you're interested. Lots of music from the Tabernacle Choir, and several lovely talks about Christmas. I mean, it's pretty much the kind of thing you always hear around Christmas, but it's exactly the kind of thing that makes Christmas such a lovely season. (And they talked a lot about singing, which was greatly appreciated by those of us who, as part of our church responsibilities, are constantly trying to get everybody else to sing.)

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch a lovely devotional, people showing up for choir practice, getting to spend lots of time with Page, getting some cookies at Bread Day, and having our new manuals for scripture study next year (they've been available on the Gospel Library app for weeks, but it's nice to have a physical copy, too).
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