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Lots of Disneyland

Oh my goodness, this has been a busy weekend. I think I mentioned that Cecille and a friend came down to Disneyland and we went to join them. It was a little tricky, because we had a translation due today, so we had to keep deciding if we wanted to keep working until it was finished, or if we wanted to go join people at Disneyland. And it probably would have been smart to stay home until we finished on Thursday, because it was pouring down rain on and off all night, and we could have stayed that much drier, and then had plenty of more time to hang out at Disneyland on Friday when the rain was gone, but...well, just call me Epimetheus.

So we went to Disneyland on Thursday to meet up with people and got thoroughly drenched. ...Okay, that's not entirely true. We had nice waterproof jackets, and we were standing upright most of the time, so really we only got drenched from the knees down. It was kind of fun in its own way, but also super inconvenient when the rain covered our glasses. But the only thing that really bummed me out about the rain is that for some reason it caused them to cancel the Royal Theatre show halfway though, and it was our favorite Mr. Smythe. The next morning, after the rain had moved on, we got our Wizarding World crates, and today we opened them to discover that they came with some pretty snazzy umbrellas, so that was some timing there.

Yesterday was when we had the most fun at Disneyland. Not that we were super miserable to be drenched, but we were very happy to not be drenched. And we had a good time hanging out with Cecille and her friend and friend's kid. We took Cecille to see Mickey and the Magical Map, kind of accidentally, because the show was right about to start right when we got off the train at Toon Town. Regardless of our own personal opinions of them, we think everyone should see all the shows, so we asked her if she wanted to see it, and she's like, "Do you recommend it?" and we were like, "You have to not ask us that." The choreography in the show is pretty fun, but we still don't like the rest of it, like, at all. But because Gaston keeps wanting to see it, we think people like it (this is also evidenced by all the cheering that happens at certain parts; boy, do I wish they had audiences like that when the shows were good), so we don't want them to miss out. I also think everyone should see the Frozen play, even though I hate it more every time I see it myself. I live a very conflicted life.

Anyway. There wasn't anything super eventful worth writing about. Just a good time with friends. We did refuse to watch Fantasmic! with them. I don't know if it's the nostalgia, or a not knowing when to quit, or a morbid curiosity or what, but I was tempted to watch it with them anyway, even knowing that it would only make me angry. Fortunately, Cecille's friend was eager enough about it to make sure they got fastpasses for it, which we didn't get ourselves, oh darn. Nevertheless, if they were going to watch that abomination, we figured we might as well at least make sure they can see the whole thing, so we helped them find their fastpass area. It was kind of funny (to me) when I was asking cast members for directions (all the traffic rules change during Fantasmic!) and I told them we were just going to help our friends find their viewing area and then get out of there because we can't stand the show. (I said the last part quietly in my meager attempts to not rain all over their parade.) But the cast members picked up what I was putting down, and they were all like, "I KNOW!" And we felt vindicated.

Instead, we made our way to the Madness on Main Street, and wove our way through the crowds to find ourselves a perfect spot to view the fireworks, directly in front of the castle. We were very pleased and grateful to end up in such a good spot. A little while later, a couple of British guys filled in the space behind us, and then an announcement came on that said the viewing area on Main Street was full, please look for a spot over by It's A Small World. (This is a regular thing now. The crowds are that bad.) I was my usual contrary self and, looking around said, eh, we could fit maybe fifty more people in this area.

Then I heard one of the British guys behind me say, "I bet we could clear up half this space if we just got rid of all the pushcars." And I didn't recognize the British term, but we got a vibe of, "Did you just say you want to get rid of all the strollers? You are my new best friend." So we told them that we sometimes dream of committing acts of mass stroller terrorism, and we whiled away the time before the fireworks commiserating about how Disney is ruining Disney. They told us we should go to Disneyland Paris, because it's magical. He explained that over in Europe, they've all seen about a billion castles, so they had to make the one at Disneyland really special if they wanted anybody to care about it, so they did. (The park was built in the early '90s, back when Disney still cared.) He also confirmed the rumor we'd heard (apparently common knowledge to the people who like to research everything before they go there (<--this we learned from Cecille later)) that there's a dragon under their castle.

It's A Small World got brought up, so we took the opportunity to ask them if they were offended by the portrayal of people from their country. Their response was basically along the lines of, "Pfft, no." The more talkative one said they all know that every country has a stereotype, and they're not really offended when it's presented that way, because certainly there's an American stereotype.

We went our separate ways after the fireworks show, which meant we ran off to find Cecille and company. The "company" of that equation went back to the hotel because one of them was a two-year-old, and the rest of us went to Fantasyland and just went on all the dark rides. It was quite lovely. And somehow we managed to stay until midnight and not be completely dead, which is just more evidence that this was a magical trip.

Then today we had to finish the work we skipped out on, and do our regular Saturday chores, because we've decided it's time to stop using "but I'm too tired" as an excuse to let things pile up. But we finished them, and we still had time to open our Wizarding World crates! This time the theme was Legends & Lore, so we got a cool but creepy Deathly Hallows t-shirt, the aforementioned umbrellas (not sure how they fit the theme exactly, but they're still cool), a phoenix pin, portraits of the Hogwarts founders, and a miniature Mirror of Erised. We had actually guess that it would have a mirror, because the sticker to seal the box this time had the symbol for the Chamber of Secrets, so we were like, "Maybe there's a compact mirror to keep us safe from the basilisk!" The mirror is compact, but not the same kind of compact you usually think of. (Athena says, "It's compact, but it's not a compact."

And tomorrow, the young women are doing Primary, so it's going to be an extra stress-less day!

Today I'm thankful for having a lovely time at Disneyland with Cecille, the chocolate danishes they now have at Maurice's Treats (we're sure it used to be Maurice's Twisted Treats...), getting to have a fun conversation with some random Brits before the fireworks, getting some neat new stuff in our Wizarding World crates, and not catching our death of colds after wandering around in the rain so much.
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