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Today was work as usual, but I do have a bit of a story to tell. Once upon a time, we were in college and learning about all of the mainstream anime of the time. Included in this list was Irresponsible Captain Tylor. It was a pretty great series, and starred a voice actor named Koji Tsujitani. Of course we kept our eyes out for anything else he was in. We really liked him as Raiel in The Violinist of Hameln, and then he turned out to be Miroku in Inuyasha, which was sort of a big deal because at the time everyone adored Inuyasha. We even found Tsujitani-san's blog and followed it for a while.

But then things happened, and maybe it was our taste in anime or just how things went, because after Inuyasha, I'm not sure we really heard him in anything, like at all. Until one day we were given the opportunity to work on Gakuen Basara for Sentai Filmworks. Our first task was to translate the credits, which included the entire cast of apparently every character who's ever been in the games, and there we saw the nostalgic name, Koji Tsujitani. (There were some other nostalgic names, too, like Ryuzo Ishino and Shigeru Nakahara, who played Wu Fei and Trowa in Gundam Wing.) And we were like, "Oh, hey! He's still doing stuff!"

And then Anime News Network reported the sad news of Tsujitani-san's death. I don't really have much more to say about that, other than that it was sad.

Later, we got to episode six of Gakuen Basara. His character, Azai Nagamasa was in it, and even though Tsujitani-san had already passed away, we weren't surprised to find out that the voices for this episode had been recorded early enough that he hadn't been recast. But then came the curious thing! In the episode, Nagamasa's wife...I don't know if they're married in Gakuen Basara, because they're in high school, but they're significant others, anyway... And Oichi (that's her name) was sad because she wanted to do nice things for Nagamasa, but she never could. So the other girls try to help her, and...well, the results are interesting. I feel like I shouldn't give too many details, because I want people to watch the show. But the point is there's some curses involved, and I can't help but think what an interesting coincidence it would be if that's the last episode of anime he ever recorded.

Nagamasa hasn't been in the series again yet. I'm kind of hoping Tsujitani-san got to do at least one more episode.

Today I'm thankful for getting our work done, having plenty of time to play Kingdom Hearts, finally managing to complete the paths of some of our more stubborn Spirits, managing to stop playing in time to maybe not get to bed super late, and Page being such good company (she almost didn't interfere with work!).
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