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Manga order!

Today we finally had enough time to remember to order manga! What! We actually ordered manga!? I don't even believe it! ...I mean, I do, obviously, because I was there when it happened, but it's been so long, and of course lyschan keeps trying to get us to read serieses and we keep saying, "Ha ha, maybe someday!" Well someday is coming soon! ...For one of those series.

Of course the motivation came from our beloved favorite voice actor, because that's how we roll. We had to get the special edition of Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight 9! We don't know what part of the story the CD drama is going to cover, so hopefully it tells us on the packaging, because otherwise we're going to have to wait until we translate the book if we want to avoid spoilers. I mean, we could read it first, but if you've been following along, you'll know we haven't exactly been having the easiest time finding time for that, and actually if we're reading manga, it should be Karneval...

We also recently(ish) realized that, now that Adachitoka is back in action, they should be releasing more of the Alive omnibuses! So we got volume five of that! And we got volume one of the pink mermaid series we've occasionally mentioned here along with some whining about people translating momoiro as peach when it's not peach the color.

Finally, we ordered volume one of Robico's current series. We did almost also order volume one of Megumi Morino's current series, but our hopes of being assigned to translate that one haven't been crushed yet, so we're going to hold off for a while. It's been a long time since we've translated a series that we had read ourselves first--so long, that the idea of doing it again just feels kind of weird. Also, when we're strapped for time, we maximize our manga-reading if we're not reading things twice. ...On the other hand, it might be nice to reread some of the things we've translated in the past. So really, it was just that first reason that stopped us, but the lack of free time thing is still valid.

Meanwhile, Kodansha is announcing stuff at Anime NYC, and we're like, "I hope we get to translate some of them..."

But speaking of our work schedule... I know I talked about not working for Thanksgiving, but that was before remembered the strong possibilities of Social Plans the week after Thanksgiving. Gaston wants to try and come down that week, and even Cecille has plans to go to Disneyland then, so we want to see about hanging out with her then. And there had been rumors of going to Universal Studios with family this month, and that's certainly not going to happen this week, so either it's happening the week after, or it's not happening. We're going to have to talk to people about that one.

The upshot of it all is that, since we have a translation due the first day of December, we stand a much better chance of surviving the last week of November if we work on it this week. It shouldn't take all week, but we really do need to make more progress on Sailor Moon, so there goes our holiday weekend. On the bright side, we should at least not have to work all day every day.

Today I'm thankful for getting to order manga, having some exciting books to look forward to reading eventually, the Neko Kaburikko plushie we got in the most recent YumeTwins box (oh my goodness, it's adorable), Fire Force getting an anime, and having a pretty good time at the ward Thanksgiving dinner.
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