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Schedule explosion

Well, the week has gone from "we might have time to watch an episode of Ace of Diamond one night" to "we're going to have to give up sleep, aren't we?" How does this happen? Well, Gaston calls and says, "Hey, I was thinking of going to Disneyland tomorrow," and instead of saying, "Sounds great, have fun!" we say, "Cool, we'll be there!" We clearly don't know what's good for us. Or maybe we do? Because one thing we're in desperate need of lately is french fries...I mean friends. Friends and time spent with them, that's what we need.

It's totally cool, we got almost two-thirds of the way through our Fire Force edit today, and we just need to finish that and translate and edit a whole volume of Hanako-kun, a chapter of Edens Zero, and an episode of Gakuen Basara by the end of the week. Ideally by the end of Thursday. No problem, right? ...Maybe if we drink a bunch of pineapple juice we won't be too braindead to function when it's time to get back to work. We're also planning to take work to Disneyland with us, in case Gaston gets a phone call or something. At any rate, right now I'm less worried about actually getting it done and more just very sleepy.

Today I'm thankful for making not-terrible progress on Fire Force, plans to hang out with a friend, volume two of the Sailor Moon Eternal Edition coming out tomorrow, the ability to make work portable, and Page liking the new toy we got her.
Tags: busyness, friends

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