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Cat Headquarters

We didn't quite work all day today! Woohoo! We had about an hour with which to play Kingdom Hearts...and we took about an hour and ten minutes. Eh heh. It was bound to happen. But we're still on schedule to finish In/Spectre on the day we said we would! So that's exciting.

In the meantime...did I have something to talk about? If I did, I forgot all about it, because something came up. It's a good something, but I'm not sure if I want to talk about it right now. Page is meowing at us; we think she wants to go outside...

That reminds me! Some kids came by to sell us chocolate, and when they walked into our patio, they called it Cat Headquarters. Athena tells me they must have been very pleased with this name, because they said it at least three times while I was in the back looking for cash. I must say, I agree it's an accurate name and one I certainly don't mind having.

Today I'm thankful for getting some chocolate from the neighborhood kids, being Cat Headquarters, being on schedule for work, still having a little time for Kingdom Hearts, and our YumeTwins box arriving today.
Tags: busyness, kitties

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